Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Words from Sister Elese Hauser in Illinois

"Greetings from Hickville!
No really. I feel like I got transferred to downtown Duck Dynasty. For
any of you that have seen the show Duck Dynasty knows that these men
have intense beards. Everyone in Pekin has long thick beards! And they
drive old stick shift trucks. On our way to the library this morning
we saw a tractor driving down the middle of Main Street! I almost
started crying I was so happy! It wasn't just any tractor, it was an
International Harvester and the driver was wearing a green John Deere
hat! I feel right at home here in Pekin Illinois. And Grandpa, you
would love it here to! Except for the smell! So Pekin (pronounced Peek
In) has a corn factory here and sits right on the Illinois river.
People literally move away from Pekin because it stinks! It's also
known as Stinkin' Pekin!!! Hahaha! And I have smelt this smell. There
are a couple of levels depending on the level of humidity. Sometimes
it smells like toast. There's no other way to put it, it just smells
like bread that's been toasted. Other times it smells like rotting
corn. The hotter and more humid it is, the more pungent the smell is.
I wish you could all be here to have the Pekin experience! It's
wonderful:) The people are just as interesting! It's by far the most
humble place I've ever been in my life. On some roads there are brick
laid down instead if asphalt. The houses are all old with no new
developments. And most men look like a leather glove from being in the
sun and working on the farm their whole lives. I'm petty much in love
with the Pekin life!!!
So Tuesday morning I left Oswego, and it was very hard! We drove to
the Naperville stake center and had a transfer meeting with all the
missionaries. Then we loaded up in members van to bring all the
missionaries down here that were going to the Peoria area. Since it's
about 4 hours south, the missionary who is not being transferred stays
here and teams up with another missionary not leaving. So I didn't
have a companion for a few hours but just stayed with other sister
missionaries coming down here. And let me tell you, we are down here!
They loaded up all our luggage on a trailer, threw some tarps on it,
and secured it with bungee cords. Of course it decided to rain the
whole 4 hours down here. Why wouldn't it?! And when I finally got my
suitcases, my bedding was soaked through along with some of my clothes
that were near the top. But we had to take another sister to her new
area so we didn't make it back to our apartment until later than
usual. And by then I was too tired to care so I slept with damp
bedding that night. I'm telling ya, sometimes I might as well be
serving in a 3rd world country! Its all in the mission experience,
and I love it!
My companion is Sister Clayton! She's from Alaska! Near the Anchorage
area. And she is so cool! We really get along so well and we are going
to see so many great and wonderful things here in Stinkin' Pekin!
Yesterday was great because it was church! It's such a relief to
finally meet the members and put names with faces. The members here
are great and Sister Clayton and I have big plans in working with the
members and helping them be more involved in missionary work. The
Bishop walked up to me before the meeting started and introduced
himself. He asked if I would bear my testimony before the speakers in
sacrament meeting and I agreed. Well we take the sacrament and then
the counselor that's conducting gets up and says "We have a new sister
missionary in our Ward. Her name is Sister Sanders. Sister Sanders
could you please stand so everyone can see your face. Welcome Sister
Sanders, we are pleased to have you with us." And he tells me to sit
down and announces the rest of the program. Sister Sanders?!?!!! How
in the world do you get Sanders out of Hauser?! When he announced me
as Sister Sanders I just busted up laughing! All the members were
looking at me like, why is she laughing? I wanted to say "Sorry I'm
from St. Johns Arizona, not Sanders Arizona." Pretty clever, huh?:)
but then he didn't ask me to share my testimony so I never got a
chance to redeem the Hauser name. All the rest of church members would
look confused when I introduced my self as Sister Hauser. I'd make
sure to say it really slow so that you could not some how confuse
Hauser for any other crazy name!
This next story is really random but I didn't get a chance to write it
in my journal and I need it catalogued somewhere, so just bear with
me. Yesterday we wanted to serve our Ward mission leader. He's single
and so since it was Father's Day we took the opportunity to make
something for him. We had strawberries, dipping chocolate, and cake in
a mug mix with frosting. So we made chocolate covered strawberries and
they looked good! And then we made this cake mix that you cook in the
microwave. It's actually pretty good! So we decided to make a two
layer cake and be all fancy. Well with the two mug size cakes stacked
on top of each other it looked like the leaning tower of Pisa. Like
seriously! So we frosted this mini cake, put strawberries around it
and headed to his house. Well humidity, heat, and frosting don't mix
well together. We had the AC on full blast with the cake right in
front of it but it still was melting. By the time we got to his house
it looked like a pathetic piece of art and the frosting was dripping
into a pool. But it was mainly the top layer that was falling. It was
so embarrassing and there was no way I was going to give away this sad
looking leaning tower of cake. So with no other options, we pulled the
top layer of cake off. Now it looked much better and still had
frosting all around it and it looked presentable. But now I have a
fist size piece if cake in my hand. Desperate times call for desperate
measures. With no napkins, no trash bags, and no place to put this
cake, I willingly sacrificed my health and my life by eating this
handful of cake. Don't get me wrong, cake is good. I think it was the
atmosphere and the fact that I had to eat it fast so that our Ward
mission leader wouldn't look out his window and see me eating part of
his treat and that I felt like I was one years old again and eating
cake from my hands. That's what made it so gross! I felt sick after
that, but sacrifice brings for that he blessings of Heaven! After all
we went through for that cake, he better like it!

As you can tell, my Pekin experience is well on it's way! I love all
the random things that happen to us as missionaries and the
circumstances we find ourselves in. It's so fun! Currently there is
one main investigator we we teaching. Her name is Catherine and she is
wonderful! She would be baptized tomorrow if she could, but she's not
married. And her boyfriend does not want to get married. He's not
ready for commitment even though they have a 3 month old baby
together. And he's even a less active member! But we have been praying
so hard that his heart will be softened or that Catherine will be able
to move out. There is a ton of less active work to do here and I am so
excited to get working!
In closing, I came across a quote this week that I want to share with
all of you. Member missionary work is something I have come to know
and love so much. This months ensign featured an article called That
We May Rejoice Together. You should all go and read it. At the very
end it had a quote by Elder Bednar that his me pretty hard.
It says “We properly pray for the safety and success of the full-time
missionaries throughout the world. And a common element in many of our
prayers is a request that the missionaries will be led to individuals
and families who are prepared to receive the message of the
Restoration. But ultimately it is my responsibility and your
responsibility to find people for the missionaries to teach.
Missionaries are full-time teachers; you and I are full-time finders.
And you and I as lifelong missionaries should not be praying for the
full-time missionaries to do our work! If you and I would truly pray
and ask in faith, as did Joseph Smith [see Joseph Smith--History
1:10–20]--if we would pray with the expectation to act and not just to
express--then the work of proclaiming the gospel would move forward in
a remarkable way.” Elder David A. Bednar, “Ask in Faith,” Ensign, May
2008, 95. (That We May Rejoice Together)
I have a strong testimony of the power that members have. I wish I had
known before how easy and how rewarding sharing the gospel can be.
Members have no idea the lives they can change as they open their
mouths and invite. Most of the time we have conversations about the
church but we fail to take it to the next step and inviting someone to
learn more. I know The Lord is with us as we do His work. I know it's
true. I know this gospel changes lives. I wish I could package in a
bottle the joy I feel and send it home to you. But I know that no
bottle would be big enough to hold all the joy and happiness I feel!
Please, pray and ask who The Lord would have you share the gospel
with. There is no comfort in the growth zone, and there is no growth
in the comfort zone.
I love you, I pray for you, I am your fellow sister in the gospel. Go
forth with faith!"

Words from Elder Austin Davis in Oregon

"Well this week was crazy. We had two things big happening this week we
had a dance festival to go preform at to Sing army of heleman and we
had zone conference that was so sad the morby's were saying good bye
to everyone. Ah man I never thought I would shed tears see them
leaving and seeing my mission come to an end and I see elders getting
trunky already checked out, it makes me so sad because they are going
to regret it. So dance festival I saw the thornbrues and the melansons
from Hillsboro it was great to see them they are funny:)) then
president Morby surprised us and we watched the Saratov approach about
the missionaries in Russia getting kid napped it was awesome. Ha best
movie I have seen in 22 months:)) I saw a lot of my old companions
there elder hunsaker, Peterson,Robinson,Treharne it was good seeing
them. Miss them but it's okay :) zone conference was heart breaking
don't even want to talk about it. It's sad to see all my friends and
best friends go home, from this marvelous work. Sad but I will tell
you I will never regret the decision of going out on a mission after
all the physical and mental trials it's still worth it The Lord will
bless me and watch over me and my family and how I love them!!! Sunday
was great we had Lloyd and Katie at sacrament again Lloyd said he
wanted to join the church how cool :) and Katie we are going to ask
her dad for permission to baptize her soon she has came to church
three times. But this week was great. I didn't get to meet with the
baseball coach because we had zone conference. This week sometime :)
heart monitor is on til the 8th of July

Well dad and uncles and gpa :)) happy Father's Day I hope it was good
I'll tell you that I appreciate you and love you. Thanks for being
worthy priesthood holders and thankyou for the blessings you have
given me. Your light is something I look for and gives me strength to
reach out to others if it wasn't for your examples I wouldn't be on a
mission. I know I wouldn't be here. Thankyou
.Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate,our deepest fear is
that we are powerful beyond all measure it is our light not our
darkness that most frightens us.your playing small does not serve the
world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other
people won't feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine as
children do. It's not just in some of us; it is in everyone. And as we
let our own lights shine, we unconsciously give other people
permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our
presence automatically liberates others.
No matter how weird the Oregonians really are all there weird stuff
they do I love them."

Words from Eldr Ryder Nielsen in the Phillippines

"This week was very bitter sweet. I will start with the sweet. We had the baptism of Paulyn Chit she looked so happy along with her mom. I am grateful the Lord gave me the opportunity to help them in their lives. We are looking forward to the 21st of june for our next baptism. It will be a family of 5. They are progressing very well in the gospel. We are happy for them and it has been a blessing to teach them and show our love for them. One of the greatest impacts we have seen while teaching them the gospel has been the change of their 9 year old daughter Jennifer. When she was 7 years old she spent some time with her aunt in their province it was for about a month or so. In that period of time her aunt verbally abused her which destroyed her confidence and scared her emotionally and spiritually. Her aunt told her over and over again that she was ugly as a little girl and that she is supposed to be a boy. She cut Jennifers hair really short and made her wear boy clothes. When she returned to their home she refused to wear dresses or have long hair and she would act like a boy in all things. As we began teaching this family sister Alfaro, Jennifer's mother told us the story. When they came to church the first time Jennifer was wearing pants and a t shirt like a boy would. My companion and I encouraged her to wear a dress the next time. That week we would let Jennifer know how pretty she looked and encouraged her to wear girl clothes. The next sunday she came in a dress but as soon as church was over she ran to the bathroom and changed back into pants and a t shirt. We continued to encourage her and call her beautiful as we were teaching the whole family. Now she has no desire to wear clothes like a boy and she is acting like a girl and wearing girl clothes and wearing bows in her hair. My companion and I were over come with joy with her change of heart. Her Mom was the most surprised and grateful. I was so full of anger towards their aunt when i heard the story. Jennifer is the cutest little girl on the planet besides Ava Belle. I am grateful for her change of heart.

Now for the bitter...... Last last sunday i received a phone call from President Stucki at about 10 oclock pm. I could tell there was some thing wrong in the tone of his voice. He said he had bad news for one of our room mates Elder Dayacap. Elder Dayacap's father past away due to heart failure. I just want to give you some back ground information about Elder Dayacap. Elder Dayacap is from Tacloban he is a 3 year convert to the church and is the only member his family. He is really quite and he lacks confidence because he is a new member but his heart is pure and he has been serving faithfully. The other thing about him is he understands absolutely no english and he cant speak it either and that is the reason President Stucki called me. After he told me he told me that i needed to inform Elder Dayacap in Tagalog that his father had passed away and after that encourage him to stay on his mission. When i heard that my heart dropped. I couldnt even imagine what his reaction would be after hearing that kind of news. I prayed with my companion that the Holy Ghost would guide my words. I brought him into our room and shut the door. After I told him his Father passed a away he began to cry and express to me how he wanted to go home and teach his Father the Gospel. I stood and gave him a hug and bore my testimony of the Atonement of Jesus Christ and the plan of Salvation. I encouraged him to stay on his mission. It was quite for a long moment and then he said i want to stay and finish my mission. He said he knew it wouldnt change anything if he went home. After that experience it has left me to count my many blessings. I remember feeling down about the trials that i am facing at this time but after this experience it has made me grateful for the circumstances that i am in. Elder Dayacap is doing well we are helping every day. And to be honest he seems really happy. That is what the Gospel does brings us joy and happiness in times of tragedy and uncertainty."

Words from Elder Chandon Herring in the MTC

"I love my comp and my district. my comp reminds me of alexa. he is nice and wants to do good but frustratingly slow at times. he took a half hour shower this morning and we were late to District study by about 20 minutes. i was really patient tho. anywho when i got to the MTC i was a little nervous but more calm than most the others. shocking considering how much i express myself huh. but i was just in the mindset of i need to know how to do things here so i will learn and pay attention. i am not near as busy as i was in Gilbert but we are on a schedule. we usually start at 7 in Zone study. then class time where we learn the basic fundamentals of how to teach and how to be simple and genuine in our conversation. i think that i am doing pretty well in that part but trying to work with a companion is different. i am used to doing things differently. but it is great all the same. My companion is Elder Hamblin. he is from Kaysville UT and ginger. my district consists of 8 elders. now 7 because one went home this morning. he just felt inadequate and that he was not good enough to be here. he was great but super quiet. in my room is Elder Sorensen who is very high energy and just odd but a blast. he knows how to recognize the spirit and he knows when to calm down. then Elder Summit who is tall quiet and really smart. he is actually quite funny and a great kid. i love our DL who is elder crandall. he is from Idaho and is just like a younger Travis Johnson. he is the best. we are all amazing and we will rock DC. I love being here and i love the food to :) those cookies were great! Oh ya HAPPY FATHERS DAY! How was it? something about 130 cookies? but i wish i was there.

ok my (fake) investigators. i know that they are actors and one of them is my teacher but they are really good. we feel the spirit so strong as we teach and bear testimony. my teacher is Eric who is just finding out about the church because his wife is a member and he wants to know where she is coming from when they teach their kids. yesterday we met Lome. He is a tough cookie! He is from a gang in Cali that moved to UT to not die. his family is all dead and so are his friends. he does not like god and when we talked to him about praying he said he would not talk to him. ( He Said that in a very mean way that i should not repeat. ) We are going to do our best to show him that God does love him and he cares!

It is good to hear kort is doing good! I miss her but i do get the better mission so it works out ;) I am still out of shape but i am getting back into it. i am eating healthier and i lift/run. we will play a little soccer and i am running the whole time and that is always a great workout. we run to the field and back to play and we are all out of shape. :) jk it is not that bad!

on Sunday we got to listen to Sheri Dew. She is a former member of the RS general pres. she is CEO of Desseret book and is awesome. she gave a talk on grace and said that we can change it to power when we read because grace is the power of God. She had a great quote to. God Rarely moves your mtns but he will always help you climb them. it was all just great but only got better. Elder Bednar spoke to us via video of a talk given at the MTC during Christmas on the Characteristics of Christ. this talk was kind of depressing but so up-lifting! depressing in the fact that i have such a long way to go. he spoke on how when the cookie monster (natural man, I want cookie now!) would turn in we must turn out. he gave many examples and showed us that we need to do it. He told a story of when he was a Stake Pres. he was called one night by a sister who said she needed him to help. she needed him to go to the Hospital and identify two girls who had been in a tragic accident with three girls. one was dead and they needed to know who the other two girls where. The mothers knew that it was their girls but they did not know whose was dead. the lady talking on the phone was one of those mothers. she was talking to Elder Bednar found out that the dead girl was hers. but instead of breaking down then she instantly told elder bednar to call the other mothers and tell them that their girls are ok and not dead. not only this but when she was talking to Bednar before the funeral which was going to be closed casket that she did not want his last image of her daughter to be the mamed one but the one that the funeral home had done. She was thinking about Bednars well being. then on her way to the funeral she is called and yelled at by a whining sister who had a cold and had not recieved a meal yet. The complaining sister did not know that she was on her way to her only childs funeral and was selfish. But that dear sister went home, made a meal, and took it to her before attending the funeral.

I almost cried my eyes out! I was so mad at that one sister and i admired the other. She turned out when all of us would have turned in. That is what i need to do. He challenged all of us to get a copy of the BOM and write a question in the front cover. Read the entire book and mark anything that relates/answers that quetion. then at the end write a small paragraph on what we learned and date it. I am going to do this and he said that when we are his age we should have 400 or 500 copies.

Well i must go. I love you and i know that without this gospel we would all be unhappy and without purpose. I love the lord and i know that he loves me. I am so excited to go back to the temple again today!!"

Words from Elder Jared Anderson in Brazil

Well we are still here working, we had the opportunity to watch the world cup ( yes we are able to) with some investigators and it was really good to show them that we are kinda normal. we have been finding so many solid people..... that live in other areas so i hope that one day we´ll find one that lives in ours! Haha i am doing great i absolutely love the mission although not much has changed we are keeping busy with our less active (a list of about 400) and working on finding new people. I have had the impression to share as members we need to do a better job of welcoming those who are less active non members or even a visiting member into our meetings. We had one less active who finally mustered up the courage and went to church with us. He entered our first class smiling ear to ear and said `Good Morning!` i dont think anyone bothered to look up from their cell phones, my heart was saddened. we Have amazing people in this world who are looking for something greater, let us show them that we have what they are looking for! I love you all and BOA TARDE! FELIZ DIAS DOS PÃES!"

Words from Elder Garrett Anderson in Brazil

"This past week has been a great experience. I had my last week in my old area, "p-norte" and now i am in an area called "novo gama." It looks kind of the same as all the other areas. Brasilía has 2 types of areas, poor ones and rich ones. I have gone to the poor ones but it is better because poor people are the humble ones who will listen! I am enjoying my new companion, Elder Moroni from Rio de Janeiro. He seems like an awesome guy and he is finishing his mission this transfer. The world cup is awesome! i love you guys and i will send pics and write more next week!"

Words from Sister Kortlynn Herring in Japan

"Dear fabulous familia!

Yes, I'm studying Spanish now...hehe! Actually I said a prayer in
Spanish this week, and it was the most nervous I've been since like
giving my first testimony in Japanese! Hehe! Dad, and all the
wonderful uncles and grandfathers in my life, HAPPY FATHERS DAY!!! I
hope it was spectacular! Thank you for all your love and examples! I
adore you all! Chan the man is now chan the missionary! I'm so
excited for him! He will love the mtc, and Im so proud of him!
Thanks for sending pics! So, let's see, this last week was great!

We were able to teach Wendy, and her daughter Kaory. They are
progressing. Wendy has a pretty tough life, please keep her in your
prayers! She wants to get baptized and we are setting a date this
week! Kind of a funny story, not sure how appropriate it is, but mom
you can edit this email. So, we were talking to Wendy, oh first off,
I studied and prepared so I could pray in Spanish. So hard! But I
did it, kind of, then after talking to her, we were trying to get her
to commit to come to church on Sunday. She said she didn't have any
skirts, and that Japan was to tiny and didn't have anything her size,
well at that time I happened to be wearing the gray skirt that mom
sent me. I love this skirt, but it's to big, so I just pin it and
where it anyway. I told her this, and told her this skirt would prob
fit her. She said really, and stood up and asked to try it on. Uh,
well, she was a women, and we were alone, and this was for her to come
to church, and I did have spandex on, so I took off my skirt and my
investigator tried it on. It fit! Yay! Super awkward, but because
it fit, we were able to take it to her house Sunday morning and her
and her daughter came to church! And she half way through sacrament
meeting she leaned toward me and said, wow! I understand! That is a
huge miracle! It was a great Sunday!

We also got to teach Hiroko San today and Friday. We taught about the
restoration and asked her to get baptized when she received an answer
that this was true. She said that she sees baptism as a goal, that
she will make as she comes to understand! She is so great and really
desires to learn and understand, and she is progressing towards
baptism! I love Hiroko San!

We also got to meet Yasuko San this week again as well. That was a
miracle too! So, we finally got her to come to the church, and she
was nervous, but we just so happened to show up at the same time that
the primary was doing an activity. I asked if I could introduce her
to some people, she said sure and low and behold Nakate Shimai walks
out and they both gasp and say, long time no see, how are you!?
What?! What are the chances a random girl I met on the street would
just happen to come to church the same time that Nakate Shimai was,
and what are the chances that they knew each other! So great! We
were able to do a lesson with them, and it turned out pretty well.

The Lord is just pouring out blessings here on Oyama! We have so many
people that just seem so prepared and wiling. The weather cleared up,
and it's been beautiful, a bit hot, but beautiful! I'm so blessed. I
know this is the lords work. And everything we do, is just the
beginning of something big, a miracle! This week I was feeling a bit
off one evening and decided to read the Book of Mormon, and I read
exactly what I needed at that time. The Lord is so aware of us, and
he knows us, loves us, and will always help and guide us. I know he
hears and answers our prayers. I love you all! I hope you have a
fantastic week! Keep on keeping on! Or, as my favorite Disney
character said, and aunt rindys letter reminded me, "just keep
swimming!" Love ya! Again happy Father's Day!"

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Words from Elder Clay & Sister Cookie Overson in Brazil

"Today we experienced our first World Cup game here in Sao Paulo and what an experience it has been. In the pictures, you can see one apartment decorated with Brazilian flags, a car with flags on both sides and on the rear view mirror and you
see us with our official Brazilian futebol team shirts. Everywhere you look there are Brazilian flags and yellow and green is definitely the color combination of the month. And I really wish I could share the noise with you. The horns, which people have been blowing all day, sound very much like fog horns. And the fireworks, which people have also been setting off all day, sound like bombs being set off in the courtyard of our condominium. Today was even a State holiday because of the Cup. I don’t know if it was nation-wide but I wouldn’t be surprised. These people love their futebol soccer)!

Today was like the Super Bowl in the U.S., only bigger, with everyone having BBQ’s and parties with family and friends. The streets were packed before the game, getting ready for the party, and empty during the game, except for the places where they had the big screens set up outside for the crowds to watch. This is bigger than Christmas or New Years and it seems to be the one thing that brings the Brazilian people together. We watched the game with a Brazilian friend instead of watching it with the other senior missionary couples and that was fun. We’re really glad that they won the game but hope that the celebrations end before midnight so we can get some sleep. If you
saw the game, you know that Marcello, Brazil’s own player, made the one goal for Croatia. According to the Brazilian announcer, that’s the only time that has ever happened in a World Cup game. How fun to be Marcello! We watched a few minutes of the ESPN broadcast and were surprised at how well they captured the atmosphere and the spirit of the Brazilian people. We can honestly say that we haven’t personally seen any scantily clothed women dancing in the streets as shown on that broadcast, but we do see the joy and the love that these people have for life. It is a wonderful place to be and each day we are grateful for this incredible opportunity. We love the Lord, we love each other, we love our Brazilian friends and we love each of you."

Thursday, June 12, 2014

**newest addresses**

Elder Clay & Sister Cookie Overson
Assoc. Brasil I.J.C.S.U.D
Fundo Perpetuo de Educacao
Av. Francisco Morato 2430
05512-0300 San Paulo,

Elder John & Sister Terry Haws

Apartado Postal 92-4005
Belen, Heredia
Costa Rica

Elder Lamar & Sister Sarah Jean Gray
SDQ 4102
2250 NW 114th Ave. Unit 1A
Miami, FL 33172

The address for letters is:
SDQ 4102
2250 NW 114th Ave.
Unit 1A
Miami FL 33172

Elder Kent Bloomfield
New York Utica Mission
PO Box 149
Whitesboro, NY 13492-0149

Elder Tyler Johnson
7011 E. 13th N
Wichita, KS 67206

Sister Eevanna Brown
South Carolina, Columbia Mission
110 Oak Park Drive, Suite B
Irmo, SC 29063-6110

Elder Ammon Fulton
Mexico Torreon Mission
Calle Ernesto Breede
Col. Ampliacion Los Angeles #301
27146 Torreon, Coahula Mexico

Elder Ryder Nielsen
Philippines, Manila Mission
PO Box 1997
Makati Central P.O. Makati City
1200 Metro Manila, Phillippines

Sister Jessica Mireles
Arizona, Gilbert Mission
65 E Olive Avenue #102
Gilbert, AZ 85234

Sister Heather Patterson
South Carolina Columbia Mission
110 Oak Park Dr. Suite B
Irmo, SC 29063-6110

Elder Shad Lindsey
2009 N 900 E. Unit 128
Provo, UT 84602

Elder Reymond Patterson
Idaho Boise Mission Office
111 S. Cole Road
Boise, Idaho 83709

Elder Kent Waters
Italy Rome Mission
Piazza Carnaro 20
00141 Rome

Elder Kade Garner
Peru Lima West Mission
Carlos Salaverry 3664
Los Olivos
Casillo do Corres 39-054
Lima 39

Sister Anna Herring
West Virginia Charleston Mission
888 Oakwood Rd. Ste. 310
Charleston, WV 25314-2071

Sister Elese Hauser
Illinois Chicago West Mission
1319 Butterfield Rd. Ste. 522
Downers Grove, IL 60515

Elder Spencer Wilhelm
Igreja De Jesus Cristo Dos U.D.
Caixa Postal 18404
Luanda Angola

Hermana Amanda Greer
Chile Osorno Mission
Camilla 7-0
Regions X

Elder Allan Holden
665 North 200 West
Clearfield, Utah 84015

Elder Austin Davis
1400 N. W Compton Suite 250
Beaverton, Oregon 97006

Elder Riley Pulsipher
Oficinas de Mission
Mexico Xalapa
Av. Arco Vial Sur No. 738
Col. Lomas Verdes
Xalapa, Veracruz, C.P.

Elder Spencer Lee
New York, New York North Mission
700 White Plains Rd. Ste. 315
Scarsdale, NY 10583

Elder Garrett Anderson
Brazil Brasilia Mission
Shin CA 05 LOTE B1 SALAS 304/307
71503-505 BRASILIA-DF

Elder Jared Anderson
Brazil Joao Pessoa Mission
Rua Deputado Jose' Mariz, 515
58042-020 Joao Pessoa-PB

Elder Tyler Crosby
Tonga Nuku Alofa Mission
Box 58
Nuku Alofa

Elder Konner Lee
906 South Logan Blvd.
Building 2 Apt. 101
Holidaysburg, PA 16648

Elder Bo Mullenaux
California Santa Rosa Mission
5301 Badger Rd.
Santa Rosa, CA 95409

Sister Kortlynn Pearl Herring
4-25-12 Nishi-Ochiai
Shinjuku-Ku, Tokyo-To
161-0031, JAPAN

Elder Garrett Hollembeak
West Virginia Charleston Mission
888 Oakwood Rd. Ste. 310
Charleston WV
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Elder Rick Bloomfield
Florida Fort Lauderdale Mission
7951 S W 6th St, Suite 110
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33324-3211

Elder Chandon Herring
Washington DC North Mission
11700 Falls Road
Potamac, MD 20854-2823
United States

Elder Kyle Byron James( MTC Address)
2007 N 900 E Unit 70
Provo, Utah 84602

Elder Kyle Byron James ( in Germany after July 30)
Germany Frankfurt Mission
Kirche Jesu Christi
Corneliusstrasse 18
60325 Frankfurt am Main

Elder Ty Blank
3250 Strawberry Rd
Anchorage, AK 99502

Words from Elder Bo Mullenaux in California

"This has been a pretty awesome week!! Our investigator, Karen, is getting baptized on July 5th! She is like the coolest lady ever! The area is finally starting to pick up and it's actually sky rocketing!! Heavenly Father is blessing our path with His Elect! The true happiness and joy you feel when an investigator keeps their commitments and accepts the invitation to be baptized out weighs the hard and frustrating times a million to one!

The Lord is pouring down miracles like rain! They are so cool to see and be apart of! On Tuesday, Elder Johnson came on exchanges with me. We were walking through a ghetto part of our area on our way to see an investigator. This guy, Moses, about 25 years old was walking his dog. We started talking to him and told him that we love to hep people come closer to the Savior and feel His love. Moses said, "What about bad people?" he explained that he has substance abuse problems and that it feels good while he's doing it, but after, it's like an open wound. Elder Johnson and i began to testify. Right when we said, "Moses, I can testify in the name of Jesus Christ that..." he looked down and interrupted with a chuckle. I thought he was just mocking us, but we continued to testify of our Savior. Right then, Moses looked back up with tears streaming down his face. He asked in what way he could come closer to the Savior right now. it was one of the coolest experiences of my mission!

And with all these miracles happening, Heavenly Father of course has a sense of humor and decided that i needed to be transferred... Haha So on Wednesday i'll be heading up to Eureka! Actually, i'll be in Arcata, but in the Eureka Zone. It is up in all the Redwoods and i'm so excited! I'm serving in a YSA (young single Adult) branch. And i live in Humbolt County. Some fun facts for ya... Most of the weed in the USA comes from Humbolt county. I'm serving at a college there. And there main growing season is starting up right now! so things could be interesting in these next few months haha:)

But anyways... I hope all is well with everyone! I couldn't be doing better. I have been blessed beyond comprehension in every way imaginable. Keep the faith, know that Heavenly Father loves you and Keep on Keepin' on!! I love you all, have a great week!!"

Words from Sister Kortlynn Herring in Japan

"Wow! This week was another good one! We had transfers, and I'm
staying in Oyama. Sister Ipson is transferring to the English ward.
What?! She loves Japanese and japan, so she was shocked to go there.
My new companion is Sister Wright, she was my STL (Sister Training
Leader) up in Niigata. She is on her last transfer, crazy! I'm way
excited to work with her, and I'm glad that I'm staying in Oyama at
least one more, probably at least two. It's a good area! Now, to let
you in on all of the miracles. So this transfer started out pretty
slow, we didn't really have anyone in our teaching pool, we had a
couple, but they are kind of up and downers, ya know. So we really
had a goal of just finding some people to teach, who were ready to
hear it. And we had met some cool people throughout the transfer, but
just P.Is, just potential investigators. But this last week we set up
legit appointments, and they all went super well! They are 3 new

The first is Tabeta San. She is actually an old investigator who was
referred to us by a member in the stake. They are sisters. We met
with Tabeta San, and she had a picture of Christ and her Book of
Mormon ready for us. She has lots of word of wisdom problems, but we
told her we wanted to help her get closer to God, and Christ and help
her overcome. She told us she wanted to stop, and become better, and
quit her bad habits, and we told her we would help. She is coming to
church this next Sunday, and we are meeting her again before that. So

The second is Yasuko San. I don't know if I already told you how we
met her, but I will review. We were in our way back from visiting a
member, and I was kind of beating myself up for not talking to a
person about the gospel on our way back, and we stopped at a light,
and I made a goal, that I was going to stop the next person, and talk
and really be natural, friendly, and give them a fair chance to accept
meeting and know what it would be. Then we met Yasuko San. She is in
a wheel chair, and she was crossing the street and I said hello. She
loves English, so we started a conversation. Then we talked about art
and pulled out this game for the Plan of Salvation that Sister Ipson
drew, and she pointed to the spirit world, and said, I believe in
that. And we told her we did too, and we would love to teach her
more. We exchanged numbers and set up,something, but something came
up and we weren't able to meet. But we finally were able to meet and
taught an awesome lesson, probably one of the best lessons I have ever
taught. She is super interested, very kind, and very Buddhist, but
she has a great desire to learn and know. I love her,and what a

The last person is Hiroko San, the eikaiwa student that I mentioned
last week. The lesson went pretty well. We did a shokai lesson, or
introduction lesson, where we share a little bit of everything we
teach, and see if they have interest in learning more about something.
She said purpose of life, because lately that had been on her mind.
What! Cool! So we taught a simple Plan of Salvation and asked if we
could meet again. She said yes! And we are meeting again tomorrow,
and again later this week! So excited!

So yes, those were our miracles with finding new investigators. Not
even to mention our other little miracles of finding more P.I.s doing
my favorite type of finding, it's called smile Dendo! I just keep
meeting amazing people, and feeling really close to the spirit.
Lately I feel like The Lord is beginning to trust me. I hope I can
keep going forward, and keep trusting him, and just doing my best.
Heavenly Father loves all of us, so much and I'm so grateful for this
opportunity that I have just to talk about and share that love with
everyone I meet. It's been amazing!

We also have been doing a lot of LA (less active) work, and we had a
sister come back to church! Yay! The Lord is doing miracles in
Oyama! Can't wait to see and help with many more! Oh, and Sister
Ipson had a talk on Sunday, but she is transferring, so I have to give
it. Wish me luck! Chandon, congrats on Graduation! And the temple!
So awesome! Dad, happy birthday this coming Saturday! Trace, your
letter/package is coming! I love you all! Thanks for always writing
emails, grandma and grandpa herring, I love you! I got chans and KK's
graduation announcements! You are both to good looking for your own
good! KK became a woman! What the Kailan! And chan, you are super
good looking, and huge! I'm just not use to seeing big anymore, I'm
huge over here, and I forget how tall my father and little ok younger
brother are. But that's ok, I still love you! I hope you all have a
good week! Keep your eyes out for miracles! And hey, if you see any,
let me know! Better yet, post them on Facebook and I will share them!
Love ya!"

Words from Sister Heather Patterson in South Carolina

from her mom" I wrote and told Heather how we have Stake Girls Camp this week and this was part of her response. I thought it was cute…. "

"Let me tell you about my companions experience at girls camp. She lived in California, and their girls camp was at the beach...in cabins. they curled their hair and had "beach day." Also, they had their phones fully charged and had manicures. Mother, I want you to know...that I cherish our nasty dirt filled, woodland girls camps in tents. Because I am pretty sure...my comp has no idea how to put up a tent, or light a fire, or cook in a dutch oven. I know its stinky...but the spiritual experience is wonderful. Have fun for me!"

Words from Elder Austin Davis in Oregon

 "This week was a little crazy we had a good time I believe these are my
 last two weeks in this area can't believe how fast time goes. So every
 thing from getting a echo cardiogram to wearing a heart monitor till
 July 6 by the way the echo cardiogram went great everything looks good
 they said all the valves are working great. to having four of our
  investigators dropping us. To having 9 cancelled lessons. Then my
 favorite since I moved to this area on Friday night I have given 33
 blessings in this area. So crazy lots of drama! It's nuts I'll tell
 you that! So thank-you for your prayers much needed. Really though ha
 I appreciate them I hope you know that! Sunday was good we had two
  investigators at church one guy Lloyd who recently got part of his
 leg amputated and a 11 year old sweet heart Katie she is the only one
 out of her family that is investigating sad but she is a great I have
 a lot of love for her. Lloyd got up during priesthood and went off
 for five minutes thanking every one for all they have done for him and
that he has come to Jesus and he is so thankful for members and their
 prayers! He gave a good little sermon it was sweet he stood up out of
 the wheel chair it was sweet:) so finally I have been texting with the
 Oregon city high school baseball coach and I felt prompted to text him
 out of no where so I was like hey when am I going to see that nasty
knuckle ball :) haha just try to start a conversation and we talked
 for awhile and we got an appointment with him for this Thursday. He is
 a part member family so I'm excited :) I told him we were going to
 play catch because I miss my high school baseball coach. So I'm pretty
stoked about that. Made my week better. But the bishop loves us and
things are improving. I. The weather has been beautiful if I see
 anymore rain here I might eat a bullet ha jk... Kinda  sounds like
 every one is busy that's good keeps you out of trouble. Ma and dad did
 always say the busier you are the less trouble you are in:) aha true
 story! I'm feeling pretty good...... So president and sister Morby go
 home july 1 they are almost done crazy I'm sure they have super mixed
 feelings as we all as we give our hearts to these people. Sister
 Morby has been trunky haha:) she is a great mom :) but last week was
 crazy for sure I let elder Beamer take control. But these last couple
 weeks here I'm going to take over haha:) so we will be more efficient.
 Well I love my family:)) I hope everyone is doing good and happy and
 enjoying life:)'it's summer everyone should!! Well I love you"

Words from Elder Tyler Crosby in Tonga

"Hello Harry!!!
I am still alive! haaha it seems like its been forever since i have talked to you guys. A lot has changed around here I sent letters talking about it but I bet they are still working there way there. I did get transferred. I am in Vava'u Leimatu'a is the name of the town its very pretty here. My comps name is Elder Nau He is from Tonga He speaks no English! (YES):) I can speak and hold full conversations and its just awesome. The Lord is awesome:) Being a missionary is awesome. I love it out here. We got an investigator today. I am so excited to start teaching her. Everything is great I am healthy and doing good. I get to send a short email today we might get to start every week again but I am not sure. I love you so much mom and miss you so much. Tell Dad and the family I said hi and I love them too. I hope your summer is going good:) Tell Jorden Happy b-day for me please:) #almost one year down!! LOVE you so much"

Words from Elder Garrett Anderson in Brazil

"This week was a crazy one. We have been spending our time preparing to move, which was supposed to happen on Friday, then got changed to Saturday, then was changed to today, and now is scheduled for tomorrow. As of now, we are living out of boxes with everything packed up and ready for the move. Although i am not trunky, it seems abnormal to think that only 6 months left until i head home. It's got me a little worried because all i know is the mission life, but everything will work out for the best.
This week we had stake conference and it has been a success. The theme for the conference was Mosiah 28:3, "Now they were desirous that salvation should be declared to every creature, for they could not bear that any human soulshould perish; yea, even the very thoughts that any soul should endure endless torment did cause them to quake and tremble. " There were various talk on the importance of member missionary work, which has been hit hard while i have been out here in the field. During the priesthood session of the conference, the stake president passed out some papers and had the wards sit together and brainstorm about how we could improve with 1. people progressing from baptism to endowments to sealed in the temple. 2. Member missionaries and 3. Helping those who are at mission age or close to get prepared for the mission. My companion and i were super happy because we had been needing this, a time to be able to work with the ward and plan together how we can ALL work together on the Lord's work. Clearly there are differences between member missionary work and "missionary" work, but when it comes down to it, we are all laborers doing the Lord's work. We have been blessed enough to be here during this time and be born into the true gospel of Jesus Christ. I love the quote by President David O. Mckay, "The purpose of the gospel is … to make bad men good and good men better, and to change human nature." I know that the gospel is true and that as we apply its' teachings in our lives, we will be purified through the Atonement of Jesus Christ. Love you all! have a great week."

Words from Elder Jared Anderson in Brazil

"All is great in Brazil, The world cup is about started and Brazil is excited. But on a more important note our area is progressing very well. All the members are understanding and DOING the work. We have received 4 references in the past 2 days, almost more than i have received my entire mission! It was so amazing to see in Sacrament meeting the ward singing jointly our investigators beaming from ear to ear, we had so many amazing miracle this week id probably be here ages typing, but i would just like to say i know this is the work of the Lord, and it will go forward."

Words from Sister Elese Hauser in Illinois

"How is it possible to be so happy, and yet so sad all at the same
time?! Can someone please explain how this is possible! My heart is
heavy this week as I write for several reasons. The first being, i
have been set apart as a missionary of the Church of Jesus Christ of
Latter-day Saints exactly one year as of last night. ONE WHOLE
YEAR!!!! And this Wednesday I will have been in the field exactly a
year. Mom you asked if it went by fast for me too, yes! I would bet
that it's gone by faster for me than it has for you at home. Garret's
mission went by fast but being the missionary now, it goes way
faster!! It's been the best, it's been the hardest, it's been the most
rewarding year of my life. I look at these past 6 months since I got
to Oswego and it has flown! To think I only have a 6 month span like
that makes me physically ill. Sisters get jipped 6 months! I'm just
praying that this conference they come out with the announcement that
Sisters can serve for 2 years. I'd do it in a heartbeat:)
Well I've been avoiding the elephant in the room long enough. I'm
getting transferred. I have been called by The Lord to serve in Pekin
Illinois. You have no idea how much it hurts me to say that I'm
leaving Oswego. I thought it was hard to leave for college, that was
nothing compared to this! The difference is I don't have the option to
call my Dad, sit on the stairs outside my apartment, cry my eyes out,
and tell him that life just isn't fair!!! Being the first sisters in
Oswego is what makes the difference between here and Belvidere. When
we got here there was nothing. I feel so blessed to have seen so many
miracles! My heart is full to the brim with joy and gratitude for the
6 months I did get to spend here. Yesterday at church was so hard! The
members here hold a very special place in my heart. It was here that I
grew the most and learned even more about the gospel. I love staying
in an area for 6 months, but I hate it because the good bye is so
hard. So Pekin is in the middle of nowhere. Literally. It's south of
Peoria Illinois so about 3 hours southwest of where I'm serving now.
I'm excited to go back out to the country for when the sweet corn is
harvested! (I'm trying to find the positives of this!) No, I am
excited. Once I get there life will be great. But it doesn't help with
the fact that this week we had some crazy awesome things happen!!!
So Carol is getting baptized in 2 weeks!!!!!! This week we visited her
and were going over the baptismal interview questions. We get to word
of wisdom and mention that we don't drink coffee. She flipped out!!
She claimed no one had ever told her that, I promise we have! She was
so mad she walked out of our lesson and went on a little walk! We just
sat there twiddling our thumbs until she returned. We told her to pray
about it and we'd be back. But she had come so far with smoking and
now she was going to let one cup of coffee stand in her way!! I was a
nervous wreck for a few days until we went to see her again. When we
went by a few days later she nonchalantly told us that she has
completely quit smoking and drinking coffee!!! She mentioned in
passing that she has put her baptism for June 21st. WOOOOHOOOOO!!!!!
Carol was the first person I met in Oswego. She was completely
hopeless and down. She has completely quit smoking after doing it for
40+ years, drinking coffee, and can feel of our Saviors love for her.
One of the best moments of my life was hearing them announce her
baptism in church yesterday! I started crying so hard! After 6 months
Carol had done it. I had the opportunity to witness it all. Until now.
My heart breaks that I won't be here for the next few weeks to watch
her grow. Being 3 hours away I don't know if I can come back for the
baptism. Never in my whole life have I invested so much time, energy,
sweat, blood, tears, and joy for one person. Carol is 68 years old,
and if she can do this, anyone can. I could probably count on one hand
the number of times I've cried on my mission, but bearing my final
testimony to Carol was one of them. I know The Lord has a plan. I
don't understand it, and I know there's a bigger picture. But I just
wish I could be here to witness the end of this 5 year journey to
We had a super cool thing happen this week! We were walking home one
night and we heard someone yell "Sisters!" So we turn around and it's
our investigator Antonio! He lives across the street from us and we've
taught him a few times now. He tells us he's just walking and reading
while he waits for his laundry to be done. We told him "You better be
reading the Book of Mormon or we're going to be disappointed." He
hangs his head and tells us we're just going to have to be
disappointed. But as he gets closer he says "But you'll have to save
that disappointment for another time!!!" And he holds up his copy of
the Book of Mormon!!!!! We were freaking out! Since when do you
accidentally bump into your investigators and they're actually reading
the book of Mormon! We were so pumped we had to take a picture! That's
what's included with this email:) and he came to church yesterday for
the 2 time and brought his 2 kids as well! It was so exciting!!
And then my personal favorite miracles from our week. We had the car
and we pulled up to a red light. I was in the passenger seat and I
looked over and saw this lady driving a van and her window was rolled
down. Immediately the spirit was telling me to give her a Mormon.org
card. So I mumbled something to Sister Teerlink about not leaving
without me as I climbed out of the car. I walked up to her window and
said "Hi, I had a feeling I should give you this card, it's really
changed my...." And then she started yelling at me! She said "I DONT
APPROACH ME LIKE THIS. GET AWAY FROM ME!" I just stood there and kind
of calmly said "I just want to give you this card." And then she
pulled away and left me looking like an idiot standing in the
intersection. With my head down, I got back in the car and the light
turned green. I could barely question why Heavenly Father wanted me to
do that when we see this car behind us, pull along side of us, the
driver waved, and drive past. It took me a minute to register who it
was but it was one of our former investigators who had stopped meeting
with us last week! His name is Ward and we were so sad when he dropped
us! As he drove past we realized that he had seen the whole encounter
at the intersection! I knew that Heavenly Father had prompted me to
give a card to that lady so that this former investigator could see us
still working. So much so that we're willing to risk our lives and
look like idiots to share this gospel. He needed the gentle reminder
that the gospel is still here and that this message means more to us
than anything else. The Lord works in mysterious ways:)
This week we had a mini missionary with us for a few days. She's from
the Rockford stake and is a senior in high school. So she tagged along
with us for a few days getting a real feel for the mission life. So
that was fun! And the sister who is replacing me in Oswego is the same
sister who replaced me in Belvidere! So she's just following me
around. She'll probably be sick of hearing about me!
Well Pekin, here I come! Ironically enough I don't think it's too far
from Galesburg Illinois where Grandma was just last week! I hope
they're not in a car share... But I will do whatever The Lord needs of
me. I told myself before transfers that I just didn't want to be
transferred to the Peoria area in the middle if nowhere. The Lord has
a sense of humor:) I've told the whole Oswego Ward that we'll be back
next summer to visit so now we have to because they're all holding me
to it! Well I love you all so much. With is many changes happening I
am grateful for the things that don't change. And that's knowing that
my family is eternal. That no matter where I am out here, I have all
of you back at home cheering me on and supporting me. And of course,
the gospel never changes. And I am so grateful for all the wonderful
experiences I've had here. It's crazy to think when we first got here
we were homeless, had no car, and lived out of our suitcases for 5
weeks. I have seen 3 of the 4 seasons here. Bring on the next 6