Thursday, June 12, 2014

Words from Sister Kortlynn Herring in Japan

"Wow! This week was another good one! We had transfers, and I'm
staying in Oyama. Sister Ipson is transferring to the English ward.
What?! She loves Japanese and japan, so she was shocked to go there.
My new companion is Sister Wright, she was my STL (Sister Training
Leader) up in Niigata. She is on her last transfer, crazy! I'm way
excited to work with her, and I'm glad that I'm staying in Oyama at
least one more, probably at least two. It's a good area! Now, to let
you in on all of the miracles. So this transfer started out pretty
slow, we didn't really have anyone in our teaching pool, we had a
couple, but they are kind of up and downers, ya know. So we really
had a goal of just finding some people to teach, who were ready to
hear it. And we had met some cool people throughout the transfer, but
just P.Is, just potential investigators. But this last week we set up
legit appointments, and they all went super well! They are 3 new

The first is Tabeta San. She is actually an old investigator who was
referred to us by a member in the stake. They are sisters. We met
with Tabeta San, and she had a picture of Christ and her Book of
Mormon ready for us. She has lots of word of wisdom problems, but we
told her we wanted to help her get closer to God, and Christ and help
her overcome. She told us she wanted to stop, and become better, and
quit her bad habits, and we told her we would help. She is coming to
church this next Sunday, and we are meeting her again before that. So

The second is Yasuko San. I don't know if I already told you how we
met her, but I will review. We were in our way back from visiting a
member, and I was kind of beating myself up for not talking to a
person about the gospel on our way back, and we stopped at a light,
and I made a goal, that I was going to stop the next person, and talk
and really be natural, friendly, and give them a fair chance to accept
meeting and know what it would be. Then we met Yasuko San. She is in
a wheel chair, and she was crossing the street and I said hello. She
loves English, so we started a conversation. Then we talked about art
and pulled out this game for the Plan of Salvation that Sister Ipson
drew, and she pointed to the spirit world, and said, I believe in
that. And we told her we did too, and we would love to teach her
more. We exchanged numbers and set up,something, but something came
up and we weren't able to meet. But we finally were able to meet and
taught an awesome lesson, probably one of the best lessons I have ever
taught. She is super interested, very kind, and very Buddhist, but
she has a great desire to learn and know. I love her,and what a

The last person is Hiroko San, the eikaiwa student that I mentioned
last week. The lesson went pretty well. We did a shokai lesson, or
introduction lesson, where we share a little bit of everything we
teach, and see if they have interest in learning more about something.
She said purpose of life, because lately that had been on her mind.
What! Cool! So we taught a simple Plan of Salvation and asked if we
could meet again. She said yes! And we are meeting again tomorrow,
and again later this week! So excited!

So yes, those were our miracles with finding new investigators. Not
even to mention our other little miracles of finding more P.I.s doing
my favorite type of finding, it's called smile Dendo! I just keep
meeting amazing people, and feeling really close to the spirit.
Lately I feel like The Lord is beginning to trust me. I hope I can
keep going forward, and keep trusting him, and just doing my best.
Heavenly Father loves all of us, so much and I'm so grateful for this
opportunity that I have just to talk about and share that love with
everyone I meet. It's been amazing!

We also have been doing a lot of LA (less active) work, and we had a
sister come back to church! Yay! The Lord is doing miracles in
Oyama! Can't wait to see and help with many more! Oh, and Sister
Ipson had a talk on Sunday, but she is transferring, so I have to give
it. Wish me luck! Chandon, congrats on Graduation! And the temple!
So awesome! Dad, happy birthday this coming Saturday! Trace, your
letter/package is coming! I love you all! Thanks for always writing
emails, grandma and grandpa herring, I love you! I got chans and KK's
graduation announcements! You are both to good looking for your own
good! KK became a woman! What the Kailan! And chan, you are super
good looking, and huge! I'm just not use to seeing big anymore, I'm
huge over here, and I forget how tall my father and little ok younger
brother are. But that's ok, I still love you! I hope you all have a
good week! Keep your eyes out for miracles! And hey, if you see any,
let me know! Better yet, post them on Facebook and I will share them!
Love ya!"

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