Thursday, June 12, 2014

Words from Elder Austin Davis in Oregon

 "This week was a little crazy we had a good time I believe these are my
 last two weeks in this area can't believe how fast time goes. So every
 thing from getting a echo cardiogram to wearing a heart monitor till
 July 6 by the way the echo cardiogram went great everything looks good
 they said all the valves are working great. to having four of our
  investigators dropping us. To having 9 cancelled lessons. Then my
 favorite since I moved to this area on Friday night I have given 33
 blessings in this area. So crazy lots of drama! It's nuts I'll tell
 you that! So thank-you for your prayers much needed. Really though ha
 I appreciate them I hope you know that! Sunday was good we had two
  investigators at church one guy Lloyd who recently got part of his
 leg amputated and a 11 year old sweet heart Katie she is the only one
 out of her family that is investigating sad but she is a great I have
 a lot of love for her. Lloyd got up during priesthood and went off
 for five minutes thanking every one for all they have done for him and
that he has come to Jesus and he is so thankful for members and their
 prayers! He gave a good little sermon it was sweet he stood up out of
 the wheel chair it was sweet:) so finally I have been texting with the
 Oregon city high school baseball coach and I felt prompted to text him
 out of no where so I was like hey when am I going to see that nasty
knuckle ball :) haha just try to start a conversation and we talked
 for awhile and we got an appointment with him for this Thursday. He is
 a part member family so I'm excited :) I told him we were going to
 play catch because I miss my high school baseball coach. So I'm pretty
stoked about that. Made my week better. But the bishop loves us and
things are improving. I. The weather has been beautiful if I see
 anymore rain here I might eat a bullet ha jk... Kinda  sounds like
 every one is busy that's good keeps you out of trouble. Ma and dad did
 always say the busier you are the less trouble you are in:) aha true
 story! I'm feeling pretty good...... So president and sister Morby go
 home july 1 they are almost done crazy I'm sure they have super mixed
 feelings as we all as we give our hearts to these people. Sister
 Morby has been trunky haha:) she is a great mom :) but last week was
 crazy for sure I let elder Beamer take control. But these last couple
 weeks here I'm going to take over haha:) so we will be more efficient.
 Well I love my family:)) I hope everyone is doing good and happy and
 enjoying life:)'it's summer everyone should!! Well I love you"

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