Thursday, June 12, 2014

Words from Sister Kortlynn Herring in Japan

Hello hello hello!

Dear my beloved family,

How art thee? My soul doth delight :). I'm practicing my English,
because lately it's been a bit questionable.....;) Just kidding!
Daddy, happy birthday! Don't you worry, i sang to you, and you will
get a special birthday letter with chocolate! Yay! :) Japan is very
wet this time of year! It's rained for about 5 days straight, but I
love it, because it's not cold! It's perfect, just wet! And if it
doesn't rain, it just gets hot and humid. So, rain is good! This
week was full of more miracles, and transfers. Sister Wright is
awesome! I knew her pretty well before, and it's been fun working
with her. So, we has an awesome miracle with Wendy this week! And
aunt Steph, hopefully we will be able to skype this week! So, since
our last cool experience with Wendy, we haven't been able to meet.
She kind of sunk into depression again. But the other day we went to
her house, in the rain, and tried to visit. She was home, but asked
us to come back another time. We are disappointed and worried, then
headed to another appointment, which also went really well. Pray for
the hosoya family! Anyway, after that appointment, we went back to
the church, to do some follow up and what not, and low and behold
Wendy and her daughter walk in! What! I have never seen them at
church before! So, they walk in, and ask if they can talk.
Apparently when Wendy saw us out there, in the rain, she said she just
pictured Christ, and couldn't get the image out of her head. So she
came to the church! We talked, and again felt the spirit super
strong, her daughter who is 9 asked if she could learn more about god
and church, and it was just awesome! The Lord loves his children, and
I have felt that love so strongly lately. The power of the atonement
is real, and no matter what has happened, it will save us, lift us,
and help us. Wendy is so prepared, she just needs our help. Please
pray for her and her family!

This week was full of awesome things. Visiting people, doing the haka
for some relief society members, teaching awesome lessons, riding in
the rain, and not having time for anything else! This letter will be
short, I sent some other emails, so I don't have as much time, but I
love you all. And can feel your prayers! Thank you! I'm glad you all
had fun in California, my comp said that that beach is awesome, she is
from California. Keep being awesome! Know that I love you all! I
love this gospel! Chan, good luck! I love you buddy! Everyone
thanks for the emails and pictures! Again, sorry this letter is
short! Keep smiling!


Sister Herring

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