Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Words from Elder Chandon Herring in the MTC

"I love my comp and my district. my comp reminds me of alexa. he is nice and wants to do good but frustratingly slow at times. he took a half hour shower this morning and we were late to District study by about 20 minutes. i was really patient tho. anywho when i got to the MTC i was a little nervous but more calm than most the others. shocking considering how much i express myself huh. but i was just in the mindset of i need to know how to do things here so i will learn and pay attention. i am not near as busy as i was in Gilbert but we are on a schedule. we usually start at 7 in Zone study. then class time where we learn the basic fundamentals of how to teach and how to be simple and genuine in our conversation. i think that i am doing pretty well in that part but trying to work with a companion is different. i am used to doing things differently. but it is great all the same. My companion is Elder Hamblin. he is from Kaysville UT and ginger. my district consists of 8 elders. now 7 because one went home this morning. he just felt inadequate and that he was not good enough to be here. he was great but super quiet. in my room is Elder Sorensen who is very high energy and just odd but a blast. he knows how to recognize the spirit and he knows when to calm down. then Elder Summit who is tall quiet and really smart. he is actually quite funny and a great kid. i love our DL who is elder crandall. he is from Idaho and is just like a younger Travis Johnson. he is the best. we are all amazing and we will rock DC. I love being here and i love the food to :) those cookies were great! Oh ya HAPPY FATHERS DAY! How was it? something about 130 cookies? but i wish i was there.

ok my (fake) investigators. i know that they are actors and one of them is my teacher but they are really good. we feel the spirit so strong as we teach and bear testimony. my teacher is Eric who is just finding out about the church because his wife is a member and he wants to know where she is coming from when they teach their kids. yesterday we met Lome. He is a tough cookie! He is from a gang in Cali that moved to UT to not die. his family is all dead and so are his friends. he does not like god and when we talked to him about praying he said he would not talk to him. ( He Said that in a very mean way that i should not repeat. ) We are going to do our best to show him that God does love him and he cares!

It is good to hear kort is doing good! I miss her but i do get the better mission so it works out ;) I am still out of shape but i am getting back into it. i am eating healthier and i lift/run. we will play a little soccer and i am running the whole time and that is always a great workout. we run to the field and back to play and we are all out of shape. :) jk it is not that bad!

on Sunday we got to listen to Sheri Dew. She is a former member of the RS general pres. she is CEO of Desseret book and is awesome. she gave a talk on grace and said that we can change it to power when we read because grace is the power of God. She had a great quote to. God Rarely moves your mtns but he will always help you climb them. it was all just great but only got better. Elder Bednar spoke to us via video of a talk given at the MTC during Christmas on the Characteristics of Christ. this talk was kind of depressing but so up-lifting! depressing in the fact that i have such a long way to go. he spoke on how when the cookie monster (natural man, I want cookie now!) would turn in we must turn out. he gave many examples and showed us that we need to do it. He told a story of when he was a Stake Pres. he was called one night by a sister who said she needed him to help. she needed him to go to the Hospital and identify two girls who had been in a tragic accident with three girls. one was dead and they needed to know who the other two girls where. The mothers knew that it was their girls but they did not know whose was dead. the lady talking on the phone was one of those mothers. she was talking to Elder Bednar found out that the dead girl was hers. but instead of breaking down then she instantly told elder bednar to call the other mothers and tell them that their girls are ok and not dead. not only this but when she was talking to Bednar before the funeral which was going to be closed casket that she did not want his last image of her daughter to be the mamed one but the one that the funeral home had done. She was thinking about Bednars well being. then on her way to the funeral she is called and yelled at by a whining sister who had a cold and had not recieved a meal yet. The complaining sister did not know that she was on her way to her only childs funeral and was selfish. But that dear sister went home, made a meal, and took it to her before attending the funeral.

I almost cried my eyes out! I was so mad at that one sister and i admired the other. She turned out when all of us would have turned in. That is what i need to do. He challenged all of us to get a copy of the BOM and write a question in the front cover. Read the entire book and mark anything that relates/answers that quetion. then at the end write a small paragraph on what we learned and date it. I am going to do this and he said that when we are his age we should have 400 or 500 copies.

Well i must go. I love you and i know that without this gospel we would all be unhappy and without purpose. I love the lord and i know that he loves me. I am so excited to go back to the temple again today!!"

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