Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Words from Sister Kortlynn Herring in Japan

"Dear fabulous familia!

Yes, I'm studying Spanish now...hehe! Actually I said a prayer in
Spanish this week, and it was the most nervous I've been since like
giving my first testimony in Japanese! Hehe! Dad, and all the
wonderful uncles and grandfathers in my life, HAPPY FATHERS DAY!!! I
hope it was spectacular! Thank you for all your love and examples! I
adore you all! Chan the man is now chan the missionary! I'm so
excited for him! He will love the mtc, and Im so proud of him!
Thanks for sending pics! So, let's see, this last week was great!

We were able to teach Wendy, and her daughter Kaory. They are
progressing. Wendy has a pretty tough life, please keep her in your
prayers! She wants to get baptized and we are setting a date this
week! Kind of a funny story, not sure how appropriate it is, but mom
you can edit this email. So, we were talking to Wendy, oh first off,
I studied and prepared so I could pray in Spanish. So hard! But I
did it, kind of, then after talking to her, we were trying to get her
to commit to come to church on Sunday. She said she didn't have any
skirts, and that Japan was to tiny and didn't have anything her size,
well at that time I happened to be wearing the gray skirt that mom
sent me. I love this skirt, but it's to big, so I just pin it and
where it anyway. I told her this, and told her this skirt would prob
fit her. She said really, and stood up and asked to try it on. Uh,
well, she was a women, and we were alone, and this was for her to come
to church, and I did have spandex on, so I took off my skirt and my
investigator tried it on. It fit! Yay! Super awkward, but because
it fit, we were able to take it to her house Sunday morning and her
and her daughter came to church! And she half way through sacrament
meeting she leaned toward me and said, wow! I understand! That is a
huge miracle! It was a great Sunday!

We also got to teach Hiroko San today and Friday. We taught about the
restoration and asked her to get baptized when she received an answer
that this was true. She said that she sees baptism as a goal, that
she will make as she comes to understand! She is so great and really
desires to learn and understand, and she is progressing towards
baptism! I love Hiroko San!

We also got to meet Yasuko San this week again as well. That was a
miracle too! So, we finally got her to come to the church, and she
was nervous, but we just so happened to show up at the same time that
the primary was doing an activity. I asked if I could introduce her
to some people, she said sure and low and behold Nakate Shimai walks
out and they both gasp and say, long time no see, how are you!?
What?! What are the chances a random girl I met on the street would
just happen to come to church the same time that Nakate Shimai was,
and what are the chances that they knew each other! So great! We
were able to do a lesson with them, and it turned out pretty well.

The Lord is just pouring out blessings here on Oyama! We have so many
people that just seem so prepared and wiling. The weather cleared up,
and it's been beautiful, a bit hot, but beautiful! I'm so blessed. I
know this is the lords work. And everything we do, is just the
beginning of something big, a miracle! This week I was feeling a bit
off one evening and decided to read the Book of Mormon, and I read
exactly what I needed at that time. The Lord is so aware of us, and
he knows us, loves us, and will always help and guide us. I know he
hears and answers our prayers. I love you all! I hope you have a
fantastic week! Keep on keeping on! Or, as my favorite Disney
character said, and aunt rindys letter reminded me, "just keep
swimming!" Love ya! Again happy Father's Day!"

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