Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Words from Elder Austin Davis in Oregon

"This week is been really good I'm going by really fast we had two
dinners three dinners with investigators there was The McNeal family had
two families over for us to teach.  The mom was from the foursquare
Church and the other was had a Christian background. This week is
going good though it went by really fast. we're going play basketball
at the Hillsboro stake center.  We did a lot
of fun things and trying to excite the zone. Last night we had to take
an elder to the Mission home. I was proud of him for humbling himself
and going home and return will return worthy. He was one of my
favorite Elder in the zone and kind of sad but good for him. Everything has been
going really good try to study the Scriptures trying to understand them more. Everything has
been going well though oh yeah West night I was giving myself a
haircut and I messed up so I had to go one on the side and the three
on top. Hopefully I don't get rebuked ha ha I doubt it though it's
okay How I will repent is all grow back out. Me and my comp got
got iPads and I'm talking to Siri right now. It's been fun the
last couple days we have been driving around a 12 passenger van pretty
swagging. Thug life you know. We talk at a dinner appointment brother
Hancox house. And they invited their neighbors over. It was pretty
good and getting to know them and I started talking to them about
their Christian background. And I asked if I could share something I
was with Elder Smith a new missionary. So I asked if we could share a
little message. It went really well I showed how the earthly father and  Heavenly
Father the Mormon message. And related that to how we are looked upon or
they look upon their kids. Then I pulled out helaman 5:12 and
compared it to the world today. It was super good the spirit was
super strong and they wanted to ask questions but we had to take off to
another appointment.
This past Sunday brother Hancock. He testified that we have the spirit with
us just like the e day missionaries do... A member testifying that they
have the spirit. It was good though super strong spirit. I love you
guys I hope you doing well."

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