Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Words from Elder Kade Garner in Peru

Hey everyone. So, this week was one filled with ups and downs. We had really good highs and some personal lows that I am working on overcoming.

This week we had a baptism. It was an elderly couple. Their names are hermana Francisca and hermano Alfredo. They have a son who is on the mission right now and never wanted anything to do with the missionaries. The hermana came to know that our message was true by just listening to us, but the hermano was not that easy. You see he is almost deaf and hears almost nothing. We had to teach him by giving him scriptures to read. Well, he started reading everyday and he would compare everything to the Bible. He still was telling us that he was not ready when his wife accepted her baptismal date. I felt the need to write a short testimony and baptismal invitation. I gave it to him and he accepted. As we got closer to the baptism he become more and more excited. They live far away and it costs 24 soles to go to and from church. That is money that they cannot just spend. However they made it a goal to save every week so that they can go to church every Sunday. And then something terrible happened. They had a 50 sole bill and as they went to use it they found out that it was fake. They no longer had money to travel to their baptism. Hermano Alfredo was heartbroken he just wanted he and his wife to get baptized. Then a miracle happened. As they were talking their situation over lunch they found 20 soles in a drawer, later hermano found 20 soles in his pocket, and even later they found 20 more soles in their house. This money was not there just a few hours earlier, but when we are determined to do the Lord´s will Heavenly Father will always bless us. On Saturday they were able to come and get baptized. At 11 that morning we went down to the river and Alfredo and Francisco were able to finally make that covenant with God that they have been waiting to do.
This week we were looking for the house of a drunk man that we contacted in the street. As we were doing so, I felt the need to contact the houses on one street and I did not know why. So, I started to knock. At the second house we met and old crippled man. His name is Antonio. Antonio has just recently started studying the Bible for the first time in his life. He asked us all the golden questions that every missionary wants to hear.I knew that this man would accept the Gospel right away and that he was ready to accept it. We did not have time to talk so we asked if we could come back the next day. He told us that he was only here visiting his kids and that after two months here he was going home the next day. We asked where he lived so we could send missionaries to him. He began to explain his home town and we came to learn that there are not missionaries in his tiny town. I in this moment felt the need to give him a Book of Mormon. He was so happy and told us that he was going to start reading it that day. As we left I was so sad. I knew that this man was ready to accept the Gospel, but that he couldn´t because of where he lived. I do not know if he will be able to accept the Gospel in this life, but if he reads that Book of Mormon we left him I know he will accept the Gospel in the spirit world. How great is the plan of salvation that all of our Heavenly Father´s children have the same chance to receive eternal life.

So this week was hard because I have started to but heads with my work partner. We just do not work the same. I am very time oriented and like to get to as many appointments that we possibly can. And when appointments fall I like to look for new people to teach or visit a less active member. Sadly, my ideas right now are not often allowed to be tested and tried out. We go and visit or I should say waste time in an active member´s house for hours at a time. It is so hard. I am just trying to be patient and serve my friend, but I am stating to run short on patience. we have just such a good area with a ton of potential. This potential however will not do anything is we do not work smart. I am just going to keep praying for help and keep doing all that I can to serve everyone around me.

So, that was my week. It was a pretty awesome one if I do say so. I hope that we can keep on having good weeks and that we can keep on finding people, especially families, that are ready to join the true Church of Jesus Christ.


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  1. I had an Elder in which I felt the same way about and to this day I remember the frustration I felt. However, sometimes learning what not to do is as important as learning what to do. It made me value every moment from then on and not to waste a single opportunity.