Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Words from Elder Clay Overson & Sister Cookie Overson in Brazil

Thank you so much for your note, Brandee. I thought you were on my list so that your brother wouldn't have to forward our letter to you. I'll make sure you're on it for next time.

How's your missionary doing? He's about ready to come home, isn't he? And isn't it fun being a grandma! I think life just keeps getting better every year and with every person added to our families.

It is sooooooo hot here! Air conditioning is out of the question in our little apartment so we have fans in every room and we sit  or stand in front of them whenever we can. They're reporting that it's the hottest summer in 100 years. Fortunately the church office building has air conditioning so we're really grateful for that.

The people here are so good and we really love them. And we love being missionaries,though we miss our family and our friends. I hope you and Ray get to serve a mission together some day. It's the best.


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