Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Words from Sister Kortlynn Herring in Japan

"Hello! So coolest news of this week is......I have an iPad! Yay!
The Tokyo and Tokyo south missions are the only international missions
to have iPads. As of right now we are not Facebook missionaries, but
that should happen in the near future. Mom, have you looked at
everything you can do with the gospel library app? It's amazing! And
better yet, because it's attached to my account, all the notes
and everything I do I will have after my mission! Sweetness!
Technology is amazing, and it helps so much with the work. Now I have
everything from preach my goes to general conference talks to videos
and pamphlets with me all the time. It makes teaching and finding
even better. The Lord truly is hastening his work, and it's so
exciting to be a part of it and be able to use one of the tools that
will help hasten the work.

Now, my week was fantastic! Why wouldn't it be? I'm a missionary so
everyday is great :)

Tuesday-we went to a town called kamo to contact a less active. She
wasn't interested in talking to us, so we went housing. The first
apartment building we went to, on the very top floor we had, no
success. So we went to the next section, went to the very top and
knocked. A lady answered the door, and said, oh I have met Mormon
missionaries before, come on in! What?! That NEVER happens!
Especially in japan. People do not invite you in unless you are a
friend or expected. Anyway, we went in and ended up staying for a
long time while she fed us and we talked about religion and what she
believes. She really likes talking to people and making friends. Not
much interest right now, but she wants us to visit again and I told
her if we did we would talk about god, because that's what we do. She
said ok! So, awesome potential. Her name is H San and she is 65
but because Japanese people are insanely young looking she looks about
45. Cool miracle, she even drove us back to Sanjo so we wouldn't have
to take the train.

Wednesday-went and visited a members mom in the hospital. She is kind
of an investigator, but not much desire, but H Shimai really
wants us to teach her, and she is almost progressing. Hopefully as we
continue to share the BoM with her the spirit will soften her heart.
Then we had eikaiwa which is always great!

Thursday- iPad conference! We went to Niigata and got our iPads and
got trained on how to use them. We even have our daily planners on
here. Everything is done by iPad now. A bit difficult to get use to,
but with more practice, we will get faster.

Friday-interviews, a Mogi lesson with a member traveling.n kind of
slow oh and ping pong night.

Saturday- weekly planning because we didn't have time on Thursday or
Friday. We also taught K San and her husband was home and
participated in the lesson. She isn't progressing right now, but we
have taught her whole family, and they have LOTS of potential!

Sunday- church, I gave a talk about hope. I use to be just fine
talking in front of people, but ask me to do it in a foreign language,
I turn red and stumble, and get super nervous! Why?! But it turned
out to be good, let's just say I'm not exactly eloquent in Japanese ;)
and we visited a lot of less actives and S Shimai. S
Shimai was the one who dropped us a while back, turns out she found
some anti Mormon material and that's why she took a step back. But we
invited her to come to music night tonight. Hopefully she comes and
we can build a relationship again.

Monday-p-day just normal, shopping cleaning, email, and we are doing
some valentine things for this week. Then music night.

It was a great week, and it sounds like you all had a great one too!
Thanks for the valentine package, it's perfect and I'm excited to give
out those valentines. The pics of Cody's baptism were adorable! And
the Gilbert temple looks amazing, I can't wait to see it! Love you
all! Thanks for everything! Keep being good missionaries, I'm so
proud of you for inviting all of those people to the open house, it's
just little things like that that prepare people to hear the gospel."

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