"Hey all I'm doing good how are you? This week is been crazy we got close
to 6 to 8 inches of snow!!! So it's been pretty crazy. It's all
slushy today. So crazy baseball starts today. wow. I hope it gets really
sunny fast. It's okay but the AIA probably put postponed it. That's
crazy I hope it doesn't ruin any body's ideas about what is going on. I
don't know if you had the opportunity to read my letter I sent the
wrestling team Uncle Brandon for a copy of it. That's crazy!!!
 This week was pretty slow. I hope you're doing good that's crazy that it
 was 66° there. The snow is just waiting to come down there ha ha. That's good
I hope hope continue to keep her attitude and do what does LOL well I hope the
ranch is good I hope it's sunny and bright down there I sure do miss
you son. We walked a lot this week from the snow was definitely neat
experience on my rear end a couple times. Ha ha I drifted in a 12
passenger van. It was super fun:) last night we were walking around in
the snow. And we walked by a potential investigators house and he was
out on his porch so we struck up a conversation with him we talked
about the atonement. And he knew a lot about it it was super cool to
see that you don't come across too many people here in Oregon to know
about the atonement. But we will try to teach them next week or the
next coming Tuesday or Thursday but it's been a really good week so
far we were around the McNeils house because they're the only members
in walking distance and we shoveled all their neighbors driveways and
built an igloo:) it was pretty legit to McNeil family might be one of
my favorite families on my mission. They definitely have made an
impact on my mission. I love this work and I love you guys."