Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Words from Elder Spencer Wilhelm in Angola

Hey thanks for the letters this week!! It sounds like the sj stake is in full swing witht their missionary work! wow i love president it sounds like he is helping a lot of people to get a wider vision on misisonary work! Good luck with the challenge!

Our week here seemed to just fly by so fast!! but it was a really good week with a lot of traveling and work.

On Tuesday Elder Chatwin and I traveled up to visit the huambo elders and have a zone conference with them. On our way up our bus broke down! ya what my luck:) but after sitting there for three hours or a replacement bus was sent to rescue us!!! In totally the trip to huambo took about 10 hours. It was way sick to see all of those guys again. In huambo there is Elder tilley, fontain, tingey, and whiticker. We only stayed for one full day and then it was back on the bus. While we were there we got to do divisions and we decided to just walk in 3s. so i walked with elder tingey and whiticker for the day!! we had a good time as we were walking around in their area. on that same day we also had a zone meeting. I will be honest i truly felt like I was preaching to the choir there. The missionaries are doing a marvelous job with the branch and their area! Luckily the trip back to lubango was eventful and no breakdowns.

When we got back we tried to just sit with as many people as we could before the end of the week so we stayed pretty busy when we got back. We had a really cool lesson with our investigator Marcos. So we have been sitting with marco for about three weeks now and he has just progressed amazingly. during our last lesson at the start I asked him how his reading was going. and he didn't say it at first, but he read the whole book of Mormon. cover to cover. He even read the guide to the scripture that is at the end of the book of Mormon in porto! we were so amazed!!! he started telling us stories that he like out of the book of Mormon and had a ton of question.

Ya we were so excited for marcos!! he is progressing great! The only problem that he has is that he needs to get married, but he has a big desire to be baptized and said he will start preparing!!

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