Sunday, February 9, 2014

Words from Elder & Sister Haws in Costa Rica

"Our mission is fabulous and today we had the opportunity to go with the counselor in the temple presidency with his speaking assignment and the drive there was absolutely breath taking. They spoke in church and then at Sunday school class he asked us to bear our testimony. Everyday we read a daily verse with the app that we have so I looked up one that impressed me and I read it in Spanish it was a very choice experience I read Spanish pretty well and is easier for me when I have something to read it is like my thoughts but are in writing. It was very humbling but choice. We couldn't have asked for a better mission.
I hope and pray that more senior couples will go. This will definitely be one of many for us. We are now one couple short here and are in need of another couple to replace the Flakes who left last month. We found out today that the other councilors daughter ( who lives in the valley ) was in an accident yesterday and they are trying to get things in order so they can go there to help out so we will be even shorter staffed but The Lord will provide a way that we will keep going. The Temple will be closed for 2weeks starting on Saturday so that will help. We plan on taking about 3days and going to see some sites and the countryside can hardly wait."

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