Sunday, February 2, 2014

Words from Elder Tyler Crosby in Tonga

"Well, This week was a pretty great week. I really thought it was going to be hard being away from my family on my birthday, but the Lord and many great family and friends changed that for me. On the day of my birthday I was surprised by cake and ice cream from the sisters in our district. It was way to nice of them they really take care of us elders. Then on Friday I received a package from Sister Estella Udall. Talk about some surprises for my birthday. It was very thoughtful of them. One other really cool thing that happened was I got to do companionship exchange with our zone leader. He is from New Zealand and about to finish his mission. He taught me so much about this mission and even though its rough that I can still be a great missionary. He reminded me what it is really supposed to be like a missionary. I am so thankful for that opportunity I had and am thankful for his example to me. Oh I forgot out of nowhere we also had a zone baptism this week and the sisters asked me if I would baptize their investigator so I did. I got the name right and everything went good. The cool thing was that when I led this little girl into the baptismal water, She was pretty scared and struggling to talk to her all of a sudden I was talking to her and explaining what was going to happen. The lord was looking after me and he always is. The things I have seen and done on my mission are things I will never forget. I am too blessed. Thanks for the birthday wishes and all you do. I hope the kids are doing great I just sent letters so they should come soon. I love you more than ever and am just grateful for you."

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