" Well, this week has been crazy. Hermana Martinez is now at her house in Paraguay, and I have a new companion. Her name is Hermana Garcia and she is from El Salvador. She is great, and I am excited for this cambio with her. I love working with her because her companion right before me was Hermana Reese (and hermana Reese was my companion a while back in Punta Arenas) and Hermana Reese warned her that I like to talk to everyone, and so now she has the expectations that we are going to talk to everyone. And that is what we have been doing. We have met a lot of people that are great and that need this gospel in their lives.
        Something weird that doesn't happen to often in good old Arizona, is the ash. Two days ago it was hard to see because there was so much ash blowing in the air from the volcano. Isn`t that cool that I live next to a volcano? don't worry, I don`t think I am going to die, the members say that it isn`t that big of a deal. 
       Also, we are now in the season of the moras(I think they are black berries) and there are lots of them and plums too.
       I had a fun day waiting for my new companion to arrive in Osorno. First hermana Martinez and I dragged all of her heavy luggage through downtown Osorno to the mission home, it was good exercise. And then I found one of my friends from the MTC, hermana Clark! I was soo excited. I haven`t seen the people from my district in the MTC because I have been in the bottom of the world. But we spent the day together as companions waiting for our new companions. As we were walking down the streets of Osorno, talking in Spanish. (isn`t that so cool that we were talking in Spanish, the last time we saw eachother we could practically only say hola) and we talked about how our missions have been. And we laughed when I asked how the mission was compared to how she thought it would be, and she said. Missions are sooooo hard. haha, its true. But we also talked about the investigators we have had and the lives we have seen change and the spirit we have felt. We both agreed that yes it is hard, but most definitely it is worth it.
  Yesterday, we went to the house of a good contact we made in the street the week before, and she let us in. The beginning of the lesson was great. And then she said that she accepts all religions, all religions that is except for those Mormons. And then began to talk about how she doesn`t like Mormons for a while. My companion and I just looked at each other, then said. So we are from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day saints, but they call us Mormons. We`ll see if she lets us back in the next time.
      Guess what, tomorrow I get to see elder Ballard! And the next day too. I am going to sing in a choir tomorrow, it is for 3 stakes here close. and Monday is for all the missionaries(excepts those in Punta Arenas, they`lll have a transmision) The President asked me to play the hymns. I hope I don`t mess up.
I love you lots.
Hermana Greer
 p.s. I love being a missionary!"