Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Words from Elder Garrett Hollembeak in West Virginia

"Everything is going really well here, Easter was good and the ward
took good care of us. This past Sunday they called a ward mission
leader, which was a big relief and should help things go really well.
Elder Rueda is doing great and teaching like a boss. We're close to
wrapping up his first transfer and heading into the summer. What are
your plans for the summer? The baptism was awesome, he came up out of
the water and just smiled and stood there for a second and just says,
Amen. It was kind of funny too because I've never heard people clap at
a baptism but when he said that everyone simultaneously started to
clap, so it was kind of like the people of Alma. We got a kick out of
that. It was cool reflecting on Easter the past couple of days, it is
truly the best day in the history of mankind. The Atonement was
complete, the bands of death were broken, and Savior comes back to
show us his redeeming love. I always like reading the last few
chapters of the gospel of John because Christ speaks like He has had a
great weight lifted from off of him. He seems happier and more at
peace compared to the days before. In a talk given to a priesthood
meeting Elder Eyring talks about Christ's example in the days before
Easter. While his work in mortality was finished He carried on to work
amongst the deceased in bringing them to the knowledge of His gospel.
During the three days in the spirit world He brought countless people
to salvation, all because He pressed forward rather than say, my part
is finished now I can rest. I think this type of perseverance is what
caused Him to be so glad when He returned. Thank you guys for
everything you are doing, for all of the prayers and all of the member
missionary work you are doing. Give everyone a big hug for me and tell
them that I love them. Thank you Dad, I love you and am always
grateful for the example that you set. I can't wait to hear from you
guys again."

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