"Happy Spring time!!!
Oh what a beautiful day! I actually got hot when I walked outside
today in my big jacket! You know what that means?! I get to wear my
light jackets:) This is a big moment for me. Anyways, Sister Teerlink
and I had a pretty average week. We had some down moments and we faced
more rejection than usual. Do you remember our 73 year old
investigator named Karen? Yeah well this week we went to go and visit
her and she didn't even open the door! She instead came to the window
and just starred at us. She slowly shook her head back and forth and
then turned around and walked away. It was so sad! We stood there for
like 5 minutes to see if she'd come back but she just left us standing
in the cold. So we may not see much of Karen anymore.
For the past few weeks we have gone and volunteered at the Senior
Center here in town. We get to serve lunch to all of the old people of
the community! We met this one lady and she is a Pearl of Great Price!
Get it? She's a pearl of great price, like the scriptures? Hahaha
that's my new favorite joke! It's okay to laugh:) Anyways, we stick
out like a sore thumb because it's the old and more able serving the
old and less able lunch. Everyone wants to know our story so it's the
perfect opportunity to share the gospel. And older people are so much
nicer! They don't slam doors in your face and threaten to call the
cops. So we are going to be doing that once a week and it's so fun!
But the definite highlight of my week was the General Women's
Broadcast. If you haven't seen it yet, shame on you! I am calling you
to repentance! ( 2 Nephi 2:21). Unless you're a guy, then you don't
have to watch it. But seriously, this was such a big deal! I had goose
bumps the entire time, I cried like a little baby, and it changed my
life. We had 2 investigators there and because of this broadcast both
are progressing and becoming more interested in the church because
their friends invited them. President Eyring was the concluding
speaker and his talk was so touching. At one point he told all the
little girls to look up at their Moms and give them a big smile for
all the work their Moms put into for helping them to be baptized. As I
smiled from inside and reflected upon my baptism day, once specific
memory of my Mom stood out. I hope you don't mind me sharing this Mom,
but it's so good! I remember as clear as day walking into the water
and being baptized by my Dad. I was so excited and so happy to be the
newest member! Grandma had bought me the prettiest white dress and I
could hardly wait to put it on. After I was baptized, Mom helped me
change into this beautiful dress. As I was changing, I noticed tears
coming from my Mothers eyes. Concerned as any 8 year old would be, I
asked my Mom what was wrong? She was supposed to be happy! To which
she responded, I am happy! I am so happy that you made the decision to
be baptized. Oh, that's strange that she's crying and she's happy. It
made no sense in my mind, but I didn't dwell on it long and my mind
was already wandering to the dessert we would eat after the baptism.
Well years later as I have reflected on this, it has had more of a
profound impact on me. Of course my Mom was crying! Not only was I her
favorite child, but I had just made serious covenants with God that
would shape the rest of my life. I had no idea the seriousness of
baptism at the time, but now I truly now why my Mother was so happy
she was moved to tears. I think that's how our Heavenly Father is with
us too. He is so so proud of us when we make the decision to follow
the example of His Son. I know that He weeps with us when we weep, and
we rejoices with us when we rejoice. Everyday I wake up and my goal is
to help others have the same experience that I had with my own Mother
at my baptism. To find that one who is ready and who will accept. I so
badly wish others could taste of the sweetness this gospel brings. It
is merely indescribable, and so worth every challenge along the way.
Well we have this awesome family in the Ward who has been working on
helping her neighbor learn more about the gospel. We were at the
broadcast and her neighbor was one of our investigators who attended,
so we we're talking to them all. And the member said "Well it's Sister
Hauser's birthday this Saturday so how about we celebrate on Sunday
after General Conference!" And so for my birthday we get to go over to
a members home WITH an investigator family and have dinner! What more
could a missionary want for her birthday?! Well besides her Grandmas
homemade bread, nothing! :) And today was our recent convert Leena's
Birthday, and so we went out to celebrate our double birthdays! Well
I'm about to be over the hill and out of my teens! Hip hip hooray!! I
am so happy that it's General Conference on my birthday. That is the
best birthday ever! And we're having an all mission conference on
Friday so I should get my packages then. Thanks for thinking of me and
thanks for the birthday emails! Tell Dad he owes me 3 letters in the
mail. One for missing last week and 1 for missing this week and one
more because it's my birthday! Last week I was pretty freaked out when
I found out that grandmas coming to a family reunion this summer in
Illinois. Who knows where I'll be serving then, but that is way close.
And of course I can't have visitors, but still. That's just crazy! I
hope you all had a great spring break and are loving life! Thanks for
all the support and love! I love you all!
Sister Hauser
P.s. This is Sister Teerlink and I doing serve at a members! She took
the picture right as I put a starburst in my mouth!"