Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Words from Elder Kade Garner in Peru

"Yesterday as you all know was Sunday... Happy Easter. It was so sad. In church we did not have a single talk that spoke about the resurrection in fact, none of them even talked about Jesus Christ. How is that even possible in the Church of Jesus Christ? We did not have any Christ related hymns either. Quite frankly it was the saddest Easter sacrament service I have ever been to. The Peruvians do not understand the significance of the resurrection. They think of Christ as the man Who died on the Christ and not as the man Who lives! This way of thinking even extends to the members. So what did we do? We went around teaching everyone about the resurrection yesterday. That is all we talked about. The resurrection is the most important even in all the history of man. It is more important than even the birth of Christ. I hope while you were all decorating eggs and taking part in all of the super fun traditions we have a Easter that you thought about the importance of the event that took place on that day.

 That was the week. And though my letter was not anything super special and was not very spiritual I just want you to all know how thankful I am for the mission. I have learned so much about a lot of things, but most importantly I have learned a ton about our Savior. I now have a testimony that will never be able to be broken. I know at times doubts and troubles will come my way as that is part of this life I know that my newly strengthened testimony will always help me stay true to my values and leave hard situations victorious. I love the Savior and I know that He was resurrected so that one day we will be too."

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