Sunday, April 13, 2014

Words from Elder Ryder Nielsen in the Philippines

"I am doing great. Working hard.

Any way things are going good i actually just got done with a temple session so i feel spiritually purified and uplifted. This week was really good when it came to teaching lessons. We taught alot but no one is really progressing or rejecting the message for me rejection was a really hard thing to face and it still is now. My heart some times feels like it is going to burst when i get home especially when i know the only reason they are rejecting the message is because of their social life. That is some thing that you will find with most people at least here in the Philipinnes, is that they have no problem with the doctrine, they just are not ready to make changes in their life that line up with Gods will. It hurts because you desire so bad their salvation and happiness. But these experiences have brought me really close to our Savior. You can read in His life of all the rejection that lead up to his crucifixion. And all the way no matter what trial He faced He always desired their salvation. It is seen while He hung on the cross "Father forgive them for they know not what they do." His mind was still looking outward to the welfare of others. I have gathered strength to press on and not get discouraged but keep my mind focused on my purpose in inviting other to come unto Him.

This week we were able to find a family. A mother and her 15 yearold daughter. Her name is Rose Chit and her daughter Pauline. Rose is a member we were suprised to findout she was baptized in 1995 but then fell less-active in 2005 after the death of her husband. I am sad to say Sister Rose and Pauline Witnessed the murder of her husband and Father. This is the reason she fell less-active. She turned to drinking and smoking to ease the pain of her wounded soul. We have been working really close with them. Teaching them about the power of the Atonement in overcoming our trials and the tragedies that come to each of us in life. They have been really progressing especially her daughter. She has been reading like crazy in the Book of Mormon. They both came to church which was her daughter's first time and sister Rose's first time in about 9 years. We are really excited for them.

The lesson went really well that President Stucki had us demonstrate. The new group of missionaries i am with are really great! They are all Elders absolutely no sisters which is weird because my last Zone was almost all Sisters haha. I am trying to serve and help them in anyway i can especially the new ones from americe who are still learning the language. I know that they need to be strengthened in their Faith. My house mates are both filipino both are 3 year converts to the church and the only members in their family now that is some strong Faith! They are awesome their names are Elder Dayacap and Elder Aguinaldo. We are all like brothers. We take turns cooking for eachother (mine is the best cooking ;) ) hahaha its a blast!"

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