Sunday, April 13, 2014

Words from Elder Spencer Lee in New York

"Today we watched General Conference at the New Canaan chapel. Elder Golding, Snow, Sato, and I were there; also with Sister Udy and Awerkamp. Sister Ohrn and Webb, along with a few others. The Sunday morning session had my favorite talk from all of Sunday in it; it was President Uchtdorf's talk about gratitude. He said that our level of gratitude should not change with our circumstances, we should make gratitude a way of life instead of an outcome of prosperity. No matter our trails or hardships, we should always live in a spirit of gratitude.

That talk really spoke to me, it made me think about how much of a spoiled brat I have been in my life or when I have complained over simple things. It made me realize that I need to repent and be better, I need to live in a spirit of gratitude for all I have been blessed with; I am the last person who should be ungrateful. "


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