Sunday, April 13, 2014

Words from Elder Tyler Johnson in Kansas

"how did you like general conf this week was so sweet! we had MLCs which is where all the Zone leaders get together and they council on the mission and how to help it and progress the work and after i was upstairs at the mission home with all the missionaries and a missionary ran up and shouted my name ELDER JOHNSON we need you down here and i ran down their and the mission pres is sitting down in the council room and these three missionaries were saying they can take me in a wrestling match and so i put my plate down and moved all the chairs and made room and said lets go and all three of them were like backing down and the mission pres was like lets go guys and and whispered to me dont hurt them ha. one of them came up which is a missionary that is super athletic and was raised in the military and we went all out and we slammed each other against the wall he was really good at defence but he got to high and i took him down and got two points and started working on top to turn him over and their was a lil anger out and we were going all out and the mission pres grabbed both of us and said ok ok that's enough!! and all the sisters and elders were gathered around quiet staring at us and i look at my shirt and it has blood from a carpet burn on the elders elbow and my shirt was ripped and my pants were also ripped down the middle so the sister missionaries had to go upstairs hahaha it was soo sweet after we left i had so much adrenaline pumping threw my body i couldn't even focus on missionary work cuz i was pondering really hard on what i did wrong and what i could have done better reviewing the match in my head ha it was so so so much fun! oh man im so pumped for wrestling!"

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