Sunday, April 13, 2014

Words from Sister Kortlynn Herring in Japan


"Hello hello! This week was fabulous! We saw so many miracles! But
first, sounds like you all enjoyed conference! I'm excited to see it
this next weekend! We will go to Niigata to see it, and we are way
excited! We watched the general woman's meeting on Saturday, with an
investigator, and I loved the meeting! I learned so much!
Conference is amazing, I'm so grateful that we have the opportunity to
listen to a modern day prophet. We are so blessed! I love this
gospel, and I'm so grateful for it, and the opportunity that I have to
share it with my Japanese brothers and sisters.

So this week was busy, so to make sure I get everything, we will do a
day by day report.

Sunday-So, the elders met a lady last week on the train, and invited
her to church. She came! Her name is A San and she is super
enthusiastic. She already knows a lot about Christianity and was
baptized when she was 12 into a different Christian religion. So, she
came to church and we met her.

Monday-p-day, but we had a lesson with A San. We taught her the
restoration and it went really well! Super enthusiastic, and we had
FHE after that, which she stayed for, along with another lady and her
son, K M San and T her son, who we have been building
a relationship wih.

Tuesday- We had exchanges in Nagaoka, with sister Asada and sister
brown, way fun! We did smile Dendo again, and we also did some
housing and found a young girl with some interest. We also did
something else, but I don't want to ruin the surprise, you will see
with the pics. Let's just say that Asada Shimai has skills.

Wednesday - Headed back home, visited H San in the hospital,
found out when she leaves, which is Easter Sunday, and then had
Eikaiwa. A San came, and we taught a joint lesson with her and the
elders and their investigator, C San. But during the lesson, A
San started testifying to C San that his ancestors had guided him
to this church, and because he is beginning to recognize that
guidance, he should just join. Who knew that our investigator would
be the one inviting others and committing then to things. It was
crazy awesome!

Thursday- we had mission leadership conference, we were suppose to go
to tokyo for that, but the prices went up, because it's Sakura season,
so we stayed in Sanjo and skyped in. It was a great conference, we
learned a lot.

Friday- we did some weekly planning, and had another lesson with A
San. We invited her to be baptized, she said yes, but she doesn't
want to do it alone, but with a friend. We asked her why, and she
said that she would be just fine if she was the last person baptized,
she just wants to help everyone be saved and to have a chance to hear
this message. She wants everyone to get happy together. Wow! So,
since meeting us, she has been inviting her friends to come to our
activities and meet us. Wow! She is a crazy miracle!

Saturday- we went to Niigata to watch the woman's broadcast with A
San. While on the train we met this cute mom with her 4 year old
little boy and 5 year old little girl. We ended up talking and
playing with them the whole train ride to Niigata, and when the train
stopped, the little boy got up, told me to stand up, grabbed my hand
and began walking and asking if I could come with him. His little
sister soon joined in by grabbing my other hand and asking where we
were going. It was the sweetest moment ever! My heart almost
exploded, and I got teary for a sec. I love them so much! We were
able to talk to the mom a bit and invited her to kids eikaiwa. She is
super interested in having her kids learn English, so hopefully we
will meet again! They were so cute! I just love kids! The
broadcast was awesome! A San really liked it, and got to meet a
lot of great members in the stake. When we got back to Sanjo, she
introduced us to her friends that she has been trying to invite to
meet us. Super awesome day! I was on cloud nine! And to top it off,
we went to my favorite restaurant, but it was gone! But that's ok, we
met the people who started a new one, and she speaks English and was
super interested in seeing us again, and asked for our info, and we
got hers. She even asked if we could teach eikaiwa at her place of
business. Definitely something to look into. So awesome! One of the
best days ever!

Sunday- fast Sunday, super great! But A San didn't come...but she
should be coming tonight, and I will let you know next week. And after
we ate the best meal ever! We found an international store, and in
this store, they had taco shells, something close enough to tortillas
and refried beans! We had a Mexican feast! It was delicious, and I
was so happy! I love Mexican food!

Monday- zone p day, we had lunch with M Shimai before, which was
good. I'm so worried about her. She has recently not been coming to
church, and I'm not sure how to help her. But lunch was good. Then
we went to nagaoka to play sports with the zone. We played soccer and
ultimate frisbee. It was way fun! I'm so glad the weather is warming
up a bit, even though it snowed the other day! Ah!

So, as you can seem The Lord is pouring out his blessings on Sanjo.
It's been an awesome week! I'm exhausted but so happy! I hope you
all have a great week! Next Monday is transfer calls. I am probably
getting transferred, and I don't like that at all. I might stay but
probably not. I've been in Sanjo for 6 months, this little branch has
become my family. I love them so much! Thanks for all of your love
and prayers! I feel them! I love you, and am so grateful for the
family that I have. I have been so blessed! Have a marvelous week!
Big hugs and kisses!

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