Sunday, March 30, 2014

Words about Elder Clay & Sister Cookie Overson in San Paulo Basil

This is the letter written by one of our BAE Students that finally got a job. Prayers are truly answered in the Lord's time. 
"My name is Marco Antonio Canova. I am an Electrical Engineer and I am very grateful for all the help I've had here at the Caxingui Self-Reliance Center (SRC) in São Paulo, SP, Brazil. I know the PEF Self-Reliance program is divinely inspired. Here at the SRC I was able to learn and grow a lot, had several uplifting experiences and received the help I needed in finding a job.

When I found myself very discouraged, with no desire or will to fight for my goals, I was approached by my very loving bishop who supported and encouraged me to keep trying and to accomplish the objective of finding a job. He brought me to the SRC in the beginning of October 2013, after I had been out of work for many months, and said he would give me all the necessary support to win this war against unemployment. Because I had no money to come here, I was very reluctant, but my good bishop gave me emotional and financial support in this endeavor. I am also very grateful to Brother Bassi, the Self-Reliance Center Manager, and other volunteers at the center who provided encouragement and support as I began the whole process.
When I began the Career Workshop, things started to change for me and I started to regain the self-confidence that I had lost. Sister Nagel, who taught the Career Workshop, was very animated, energetic and positive about my ability to find employment. I began to realize that the Lord cared for me and put wonderful people in my life to support and teach me and my friends here at the SRC. I am very grateful to Elder and Sister Overson for the care and patience with which they treated us and for the sweet relationship we have developed. I am also grateful to Sister Nagel, Brother Moacir and Brother Bassi, who were so supportive and helpful.Of course, I cannot forget the friends I made in the Career Workshop and in the Accelerated Job Search group. I exchanged professional and life experiences with these new friends and we helped each other overcome obstacles. I am so grateful for friends like Rodrigo, Juarez, José and Djalmir who had such great attitudes and helped me with advice and sharing of experiences.At times it was not easy to come here every day and meet all the goals of the Accelerated Job Search program and apply the techniques taught in the Career Workshop because the enemy is strong and he wants to see us defeated. The help and support of all who participate in the Career Workshop and Accelerated Job Search program at the Self-Reliance Center are very valuable. My new employment can be considered a miracle. On the way out of an interview for another job, I passed in front of a work site and saw the name and phone number of another company on a sign. I wrote down the information and the next day I called the company from the SRC and got the email of the person responsible for hiring and sent my resumé. I received a phone call that same day and was scheduled for an interview. In the interview, I used all the training and techniques I learned and practiced during the classes of the Accelerated Job Search and I was asked to wait for phone call. My wife is ill now and will be unable to work for at least two months and we would have been without any income for those two months. I was feeling desperate about this and fervently prayed to the Lord to help me. This was on February 18th and on February 20th I received a positive response and will begin my new job on February 24th. Bothers and sisters, I have been without formal work for exactly 1 year and 3 months and since October, I have been coming into the SRC every day, first completing the Career Workshop then attending the Accelerated Job Search group for almost five months, not becoming discouraged and I was greatly blessed. I will work in an Engineering company and will receive a good salary within the normal range in my profession.
I know that if you have the desire and willingness to change your life and follow the program, you will find success through the programs at the Self-Reliance Center.
I wish success to all."

Brother Marco Antonio Canova

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  1. We sure miss them, but we're so glad they are able to bless the lives of the people in Brasil!