"How is everyone this week? This week was okay we had 9 lessons fall
through. But we still taught 7 so it was okay... so this week I had the
opportunity to give quite of blessings so that's always up lifting. We
have an appointment with this lady and her husband but her name is
kookai she seems super nice anyways she is from Thailand so I'm going
to be pushing and praying really hard. It's going to be awesome when
she gets baptized that will defiantly be so cool. This week was okay
though my email won't be to long darn it. The bishop and WML here are
great. They really love the missionaries which is great to have. It
kinda sucks having 2 sets of missionaries in the ward. We would be
teaching probably twenty plus lessons but it's okay life goes on. So
the bomb being dropped in this email ha I'll put it on the last line.
:) but yesterday I taught some youth about hero's . Talked about how
if we look up to some one we are eventually going to become like them
and become what they think about. it was a good topic I read Alma
48:17 because he is my hero. Pretty cool though really good topic. A
quote I found" "I say to all and especially the youth of the Church
that if you haven’t already, you will one day find yourself called
upon to defend your faith or perhaps even endure some personal abuse
simply because you are a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of
Latter-day Saints." Elder Holland
This week has been up and down up and down all week. But I must go on
:) you know it was beautiful this week 80+ it was nice:)! But I love
you I'm thankful for my family."