"Hey whats up everyone,
I'm sorry but I dont have alot of time, so I'm gonna try to write quick! This week was awesome, but kinda sad. We got transfer information and it turns out I am leaving Suvorovski. It really made me sad at first cause I have only been here 12 weeks. Its kinda crazy I am only in my 6th transfer and I have had 4 new areas and 5 different companions. It would be nice to kinda settle down a little, but the Lord needs me other places. I'll be serving in Center Odessa which is only about a 45 minute bus ride from Suvorovski, so thats pretty cool. Center is awesome though! I have been there several times and everything is just so beautiful there! So I'll send ya some awesome pictures!
Everything is great here though! Life is just good! We did a lot of contacting this week and it was super fun. we're just trying to think of cool new ideas and its pretty fun. We're gonna play 4 square next week and see how that works out! I was on an exchange with an elder from the donetsk mission named Elder Maltba. He is a super cool guy and we were out in a park talking to people and we found these 2 ladies named luba and nina. At first they were pretty mean and kinda making fun of us, but we started teaching the restoration and they got so silent and still. We taught them the whole restoration and they didnt say one word. They just looked at us and the Spirit was their testifying. We finished and I felt prompted to ask them if we could pray with them right there. It felt kinda weird at first but they were like ya of course. So I said a prayer with them right there in the park and afterwards they were just so happy and hugged us and kissed us on the cheeks(thats a culture thing here) and it was just awesome! From now on I'm not gonna be afraid to just ask someone to pray with them right their on the spot.
We have this investigator named Christian who is from Nigeria. He is the coolest guy, but he doesn't speak a lick of Russian. He came to church yesterday and I translated for him and he said he really liked it. I have translated several times before, and it has always been super hard so i was pretty nervous. But I prayed before I started and I actually did a pretty good job. It is so hard to hear Russian in one ear, and then speak in English, but the Lord really blessed me. It was like my mind was just so clear and I could just focus on what was going on. I dont know its hard to describe, but it was a cool feeling. I'm not saying I speak great Russian cause thats not the case at all, but it was just one of those moments where the Lord just helped me out a lot.
I know that this work we are doing here is the work of God. His hand is in the details of these people's lives and He is helping His missionaries out so much. The whole political situation is crazy, but somehow the work is progressing rapidly. It is not just a coincidence or something, the Lord is gathering His people here, and its just an honor to be here.
I love you all!"