Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Words from Sister Elese Hauser in Illinois

"Happy Monday!
Sometimes i forget the rest of the world dreads Mondays, because i love them! Well this was a crazy week and a lot of funny, and some not so funny, experiences.Sister Teerlink and I are safe here in Oswego for 6 more weeks! We survived this transfer and i am so glad! I started getting nervous on Saturday wondering if i really could be leaving, but we got the text saying that we would NOT be receiving a transfer call. So far on my mission ever companion I've had has been for 12 weeks, 2 transfers. Its exciting! Now that i know I'll be here for Mothers Day we can figure out what will happen. So my church is from 11:30-2:30 and if we are 2 hours ahead of you it will probably have to be a little later on in the day. We won't have the car so we'll be reliant on members to use their wifi and for rides so we will figure that out this week and i'll let you know next Monday what time. I'll Skype home to St. Johns first and then to Garret in Colorado. I am beyond excited to see all of you! It feels like its been so long, and yet its gone by so fast.
So this week we did a lot of walking. My blond hair is becoming blonder and my freckled face is more freckly than ever. But i am still as white as ever, thanks to my German ancestors. One day we were walking and we knocked on this lady's door. We met a very sweet and old grandma. But we were wrong. Not about the old part, about the sweet part. I said "Hi, we are servants of God and we are in the area today sharing a message about the Book of Mormon. I know the Book of Mormon can change your life, can we step in and tell you more?" She got this twitch in her eye and said "Are you servants of God or are you servants of Mormon?" I looked at her and said "Servants of God. I'm pretty sure we know who we serve." Well she went on to tell us we were a blaspheme church and what ever else people feel the need to say to these sweet young girls. So we turned around and walked away. But the best part was what she said as we were walking away! We smiled and told her to have a nice day and she said "No you have a nice day. Because i won't see you in Heaven and that's a shame." Hahahahaha! Sometimes people say the weirdest things! After we met that lady nobody wanted to talk to us. It was a long day in the sun with rejection. Later that night we had time to go out and do some more finding. Now this is your typical missionary story,but its because we all have to learn it. Sister Teerlink and i were tired. I had blisters on my feet because of the transition between summer and winter shoes. And we were feeling pretty discouraged. But you know those times when you want to give up the most are the times when you are so close to something great and if you just carry on a little bit farther then you will see a miracle. Well that's what happened. We first met Sarah, who said it wasn't a good time time to share a message now but we could come back. And then we met Ward, i know its meant to be that he's a member because his name is so church-y! And he was walking into his house right as we were walking by so we waved him down. He has been searching for a church and we were able to share a message with him on his doorstep. Sister Teerlink was prompted to ask him the question If you could ask Jesus Christ one question, what would it be? It was so cool! He was stumped but it gave us the perfect opportunity to come back and follow up. And then we met Tony, who is very religious and is interested to know that God still speaks to us today. It was such small thing meeting 3 new people. but it was huge miracle for us.
Grandma would have enjoyed this, one day when we were walking we got to walk along the Fox River for about 2 miles and it was so beautiful! One reason why i don't want to be picked up but i want you all to come back and visit in the summer is because of this gorgeous river! I just have this strong urge to jump in! But of course i refrain myself, but someday i want that privilege.
Another funny thing that happened this week was when we had the car and we were driving down the road. Up ahead of us a guy was getting ready to cross the street after we drove by. Sister Teerlink said "Give this guy a card!" So she slows down and pulls up right next to him. Poor guy probably thought we were going to take his money or something. So i roll down my window and say "Here's a card! You should check out the website i know it will make you happy!" and i hurried and rolled up my window before he could change his mind and shove it through the window. It wasn't until afterwards that i thought he was probably really freaked out! I mean we are in Chicago land and the crime rate is high here. I would be scared if a nice white car slowed down and pulled up to me then rolled down their window. Maybe we should be more careful... Nahhh:) We're on the Lord's side!
Well we have been teaching this part member family, the Haynies and they came to church for the first time yesterday! The wife isn't a member and in our lesson this week we asked her how her reading and praying was going and she said that she sometimes prays during work and asks God if our message is true. She loves the Book of Mormon and she absolutely loved learning about the Plan of Salvation. We are still teaching Taylor and she continues to come to seminary every morning but she seemed nervous about coming to church so she wasn't there yesterday.
Well this is a short email, we've got a busy day! I love you all and miss you so much! Just a gentle reminder to read Preach My Gospel everyday and pray for the courage to do missionary opportunities. I love you all!"

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