"Dear Family,
I need to do better on my weekly family emails. I have been kinda slacking on that and I know that I can do better.
One experience that really sticks out to me from the past week happened last night after the skype calls. We passed by a part member family, the mom and dad arent members but the kids are all members. There are 6 kids in the family and all of them are baptized except the youngest who turns 8 at the end of this month. This is an awesome family, their dad takes the 3 youngest Alex who is 7, Vitor, and Vitoria to church every sunday and they are really firm. The two middle sisters Thayane and Viviane are both less active who we are helping return to church and their oldest brother Enrique is active but lives in a different city. The parents are not members and we taught them a lesson last night about temples and the importance of having the necessary ordinances done so that we can return to live with our families again in the presence of the Father. It was an awesome lesson and the spirit was present. Our hope now is that they will take into consideration the things that were discussed and they will be humble enough to ask Heavenly Father about the truthfullness of our message.
As we bore testimony of Christ and the reality of us being able to return and live with our families again, the Spirit filled the room and bore testimony that the things we were bearing testimony of are true. I know they are true and as we all strive our best we will certainly come short of perfection, but through the infinate love and mercy of our Father in Heaven, we can all return to live again as a happy family.

love you all!"