Sunday, May 25, 2014

Words from Sister Kortlynn Herring from Japan

"Hello! How are you? I'm great! Just a shout out to all the
birthdays this month, and a special shout out to tracer! Happy 10th
birthday buddy! Don't worry your special letter from is coming, with
chocolate in it!
This week was a learning experience, but good. It's amazing how much
you learn when things are a bit harder. Our progressing investigator
moved to a different area, and we have other investigators, but it's
hard to meet with them, so we have been trying to figure out what is
the most productive and effective thing to do. We have been busy, but
things that we have been doing, aren't bringing results. It's hard,
but it's also really good. I have reevaluated everything that I've
been doing. Trying to become a more effective tool, closer to the
spirit, more capable and able. But I get really excited and inspired
and set a new goal, then it's time to go and do, and it's hard to not
get discouraged and keep going, when things are slow going. Some of
the most important changes and goals we make, don't have instant
results, they slowly build, over time. Until eventually it changes
us, and we become better, we become more like the savior, we get
closer to out potential. But silly me likes instant results, I think
everyone does. But through patient, diligence, and relying in The
Lord we grow, and He makes us better then we thought we could be. It
just takes time. That was a lesson I learned this week.

Then, as I look ahead to this coming week, I get excited and feel so
grateful for Heavenly Father who loves me and wants to help me. We
are busy this week! We have been able to set up appointments, and
even found a new investigator today. It still will take some time,
but things are looking up. We also get to have a special conference
with the south mission this week, with Elder Cook! I'm way excited to
hear straight from an apostle of The Lord. I love this gospel! Sorry
this email is a bit scattered!
But I have one more thing that I learned. I was feeling kind of down,
as you already know, and I was realizing all of my weaknesses and
mistakes, and looking back at the week and just wishing I could have
done better, been better. Then, I got to take the sacrament and for
the first time, in a long time I decided to read it in English. I
understand the prayers, but reading it in your own language is
powerful, anyway as I read it, I just felt this feeling of love and
peace rush through me. I knew that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ
were aware of me. I felt the power of the atonement, and the words of
one of my favorite verses came to mind in D&C 6:35ish? It says
Behold, I do not condemn you; go your ways and sin no more; perform
with soberness the work which I have commanded you...Behold the wounds
which pierced my side, and also the prints of the nails in my hands
and feet; be faithful, keep my commandments, and ye shall inherit the
kingdom of Heaven. I really felt like He was talking to me, and it
brought tears to my eyes, realizing that he loved me anyway. He loved
me even though I'm not perfect, even though I keep making mistakes. I
know that Jesus Christ is our savior and redeemer, I know the power
of the atonement is real and that He always, no matter what will love
us. I'm so grateful for this opportunity that I have to share this
truth with the people of Oyama, and japan. I'm so excited for chan do
have this same opportunity in just a few short weeks. I know this is
the lords work, and if we trust in him, we can not fail!

I'm so glad that you got to do the temple thing! So great! And
before I forget, thank you welchs for the package! And family for the
letters! I love you all! Keep being wonderful! Talk to you soon!
Like, next week! Lol!"

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