Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Words from Sister Kortlynn Herring in Japan

"This week was excellent as per usual! I had multiple requests for more info in my
emails. I apologize for recently, but we have been busy on p-days
lately. I will do my best.
Tuesday! We had a sports activity as a stake. It was way fun!
Especially because I got to play basketball for real again for the
first time in like a year! It was awesome! Our ward won in
basketball btw. It was great seeing a bunch of people from my first
area again. And our investigator S San came. On the way home we
were driving with a member, and we asked about her conversion story.
From there we taught about baptism and what it means and why we do it,
and what happens. It was way good. S San has a bit of a mental
disability, so it was really good just to talk to her in a setting
that didn't feel like a study session to her. And kaneko Shimai was a
great member present! We also figured out that S San learns better
through playing games, and so we are in the process of making the
coolest Plan of Salvation game ever! I'm excited for it! I think it
will really help her!

Wednesday! We had eikaiwa and a district meeting in Koga. There are
some sisters there who have been struggling and after district meeting we
were able to talk with them and really figure out what was going on.
Which worked out perfect because we had splits this week with them, so we
were able to help them more. And eikaiwa was great! This week is
called golden week in japan, and lots of people leave, but we have
been able to still meet so it's been a blessing.

Thursday! We went to tokyo for mission leadership conference! When I
was in Sanjo we had to Skype in because it was too far, but this time I
got to go! It was so good seeing so many missionaries that I love and
look up to! It has been 6 months since I have seen these people, so
it was fun. I missed tokyo. We also had some crazy miracles in the
train while going there and back. Everyone we talked to had some tie
back to or interest in Christianity. We gave a BoM and invited lots of
people to church and eikaiwa. It was great for me, because I realized
that I'm not scared to talk to people anymore. Before it was so scary
because I didn't understand them, but I realized that even though I am
not fluent in Japanese at all, I'm finally to the point where I don't
have to worry as much. It was just great being able to be myself and
just talk to people.

Friday! We had interviews with Pres. Budge and then some weekly
planning, then we started splits. I went to Koga and had an awesome
dinner of sushi with an awesome family. The father is from canada and
his wife is Japanese. He is the only one who speaks English, his
family just speaks Japanese. But it was way cool!

Saturday! Was a beautiful day, we talked to a bunch of people at the
park and housed a bit. I was with Athay Shimai and she is a great

Sunday! Church, some more planning and finding. We met some super
nice people who had a bit of interest. We had dinner with the nakai
family. They have a 5 year old boy and we became fast friends. I
just click with Japanese kids. I love this ward, because there are SO
many young kids! It's so fun, but hard too because I can't hold them!
But it's still great! And ya, that was my day!

This next week we have a lot planned, and
I'm excited! Next week I finally get to go to the temple again! Yay!
And the new video is here now, so I'm excited! I can't wait to see
you via skype video on Monday! Love you lots! Btw email time next
week is on Tuesday! Love you!

Glad everyone had fun, mom at conference, the boys at fathers and sons
and Madi and Lexi at aunt Bridget's! I miss you and can't wait to see
you soon! I love this gospel, and I love being a missionary and
sharing it!"


Sister Herring

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