Sunday, May 25, 2014

Words from Sister Amanda Greer in Chile

One highlight of the week was when we asked Karla if she remember the Plan of Salvation we taught a few week ago and she remembered everything to a T. She knows that the gospel of Jesus Christ is important but doesn´t want to get baptized. But I am sure a few more days reading the book of mormon and feeling the holy ghost magic will happen and she want to follow Christ more in her life.
Other highlight of me week, I got to hear about my old sector in Punta Arenas. Johanna is doing great! She now has a calling in young womans, and is a friend with everyone in the ward and is doing very well :) And Yazna(remember the young couple with a little son?) is going to get baptized in a few weeks! I am so happy for them! They always go to church now too! Its a miracle! And the ward has almost doubled in number, and a lady there recently went to the temple to be sealed to her mom! How happy! And Patricia (the 7th day adventista) isn´t obsessed with which day is the sabbath day, and her husband is going to get baptized in a few weeks too! (she is still waiting for an answer if its true, but I know she has felt the spirit, and knows the book of mormon is the word of God, she just needs to realize that God doesn´t alway reveal the truth with huge visions and such)
ummm.. Entre Lagos is doing well. Sometimes its a little hard to do things, like have activities, and such because the president and councilor say they have already tried these type of things before, and that Maybe those things work in other sectors, but in this branch no. But we are trying to strenghen the faith here in this litte branch.
Sometimes it rains. A lot. Somtimes the rain passes through my two coats and shirt and its quite an adventure that I am excited to tell my grandkids one day:) Oh, but its not so bad when that happens, because the other night we got home and made a fire to dry off and roasted marshmallows and ate smores(more or less, they don´t have graham crackers here) and told stories.

I know that Jesus Christ is my savior and I am so thankful for this time I have in Chile to serve Him." "

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