Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Words from Elder Chandon Herring in Washington DC

Well family another week has gone by and we are breathing and so is my companion so we must be doing something right. Haha I love my comp! So let's look at the week.

Tuesday... Today was a lot of fun. I was on exchanges with a Elder Gaudette who is one of my favorite missionaries. He is such a good kid! We had a super good day to. This week as a whole was incredible.
We taught Sister Jackson who is living in a group home and we had a great chat on the light of Christ. She is so innocent and she finally came to church this week! We had another good lesson with the Forsons who, as a family, are now going to have a ward mission plan specifically designed for their family to use during the school year. We then had a classic Anacostia night when we went to check on sister white. She was not home but her son in law was there out front writing a note to leave
on the door. He and the family want Robert to go. You all don't understand what is going on. It is something I will tell you in 10
months. But we heard a real and legit scary death threat on Roberts life. That is all I will say now.

Wednesday... Departing Temple Trip!! We had a wonderful session and I just love being in the temple. It was a good session. The temple will be closing soon so I was able to get my fair share of time in before
then. We had our mission office trip after which took up a lot of time. We hustled home to make it back in time for our dinner
appointment with sister Walker. She had a friend over who is a very well learned bible scholar. He studies the different meanings of the words in Greek, Hebrew, Latin, etc. it was fun talking about the use of those words and phrases back in Christs day. He is also very interested. Before we had even started the lesson he asked if he was
allowed to come to church. What!?!? No way! Yea you can! That was my highlight of the day.

Thursday... Today we also spent the entire day up by the temple. We had our Zone District Meeting at the DC Stake center right next to it before we had a meeting on the 7th floor, which is the priesthood
assembly room. The talks were the bomb! I learned so much more about symbolism. We were not permitted to do a session because Salt Lake says missionaries can only do one a transfer. So we did our weekly planning at the VC and then went back to the temple that evening for a
recent convert stake baptism trip. Walking in we saw a couple from our Ward who were baptized just under a year ago and they had just been sealed and endowed. They had to get 1st presidency approval to do it but we pushed because the temple is closing for two months. They were
so happy! Temple days are the best.

Friday... Today was the most successful day of checking on referrals I have ever had on my mission. I loved these days! We were super blessed and were able to get two return appointments and a new investigator who seems very genuine. His name is Jima (pronounced Jimmy) and he is baptist. Very converted to Christ and he is still seeking the truth. We loved our talk and Man my comp is such a good teacher! We teach well together also. It is just great. We ended the night with my first exposure to the Jacks. They are such a fun family. They are investigators who ask silly questions and believe the anti videos they
see on YouTube. It is kind of pathetic but this time we met we actually had a good discussion. She posed questions and we searched the scriptures together in a friendly manner without contention. We
read and prayed together and it actually helped her. Those are good lessons :)

Saturday... Baseball!! We had our annual baseball game! But the morning
first. We had a lot of service and I did a lot of weed pulling and mowing. Their yard looks fabulous now. Anywho, the baseball game. We had our Nats game and it was a lot of fun. There was a new mission
president there and I got a super cool hat. Before the game we had convinced elder Tilby and Tuffly that we were not going to the game because we were in trouble. We had them convinced and when they saw us
they were like, "why are you here President will get mad at you" :) we got them! Haha. It was a good day to relax while still doing
missionary work. Late night though with call ins. Our zone is the furthest south so for that last companionship to get in it took a while. We got to bed around 1am. Mom, you know me at 1 in the morning... All sunshine and roses huh? (He's definitely a a "early to bed early to rise" kinda guy, always has been)

So as you can see life here is good. I have found out I will most likely be leaving this transfer. No fun leaving Anacostia. It is a
good Ward and the people are so fun. I love being a missionary and serving the lord. He really is there to strengthen us. I love him and you!

Elder Herring

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