Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Words from SIster Hailey Overson in Brazil

This place is great, the first day I got here, I learned an important lesson. BE HUMBLE. It's a constant battle for me but I'm always fighting. The most important knowledge I have is the knowledge that I know nothing. It's the truth, I love my comp, he's the human version of tow mater. Being humbled is actually a blessing here, cause I've found that after I am, I get the best spiritual highs. Funny how that works. I've learned so much about the gospel here, teaching it makes you have to know it well, thats for sure... I love my instructors here, if any missionaries get a sister rasmussen you're so lucky it's ridiculous. I freaking love her, she's taught me so much and she likes depth in gospel conversations amongst the district. She's so cool. The MTC is great, but I'm ready for the field.

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