Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Words from Elder Levi Crosby in Kentucky

Man what an exciting week. This week there was the county fair. We did a family history booth. it worked pretty good. I felt like a salesman for some reason. I got to see a couple tractor and truck pulls and that was really cool! We also went to this crazy ladies house, the one where we wrangled alpacas to help her kill some chickens. My companion got kind of weirded out.. He was from a big city so that explains that. We had a roast for lunch and I asked what it was and she said what do you think? And I said beef? No way.. It was alpaca.. The mission is still nothing I expected. Haha anyways the thing that struck me the hardest this week was when we went to do some service for a lady in a town about 25 miles outside of bowling green. She is struggling financially and inside her family. She just has so many trials and hardships and she is just hanging in there. She won't give up. And she inspires me to do good and to always strive to do my best. It was very humbling. I am blessed with a good, solid, and loving family. And I took that for granted most of the time. I have it so good compared to others. So just stop and think of all of the great blessings that you have. Keep those in mind. And Sunday yesterday was pretty cool. I had to go on an emergency exchange with a Spanish elder so I went into a zebra companionship for that day. Man it was awesome. I got to sit in a testimony meeting with all of the Hispanics. Even though I had pretty much no clue what they were saying. I could just feel and understand what they were saying from inside my heart. It's so amazing how the spirit can work. So just listen to that still small voice and you'll be amazed about what you can feel and how it can change you. So that's what my highlight was this week. I hope everybody is enjoying their last bit of summer! Good luck with everything this week and be safe! Love you guys! (: 

Elder Crosby

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