Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Words from Elder Garrett Davis in Thailand

SAMUT PRAKAN (this is the area i am currently serving it)
well its crazy to think another week has gone by and its also the last summer week back home! hope you all enjoy it but this week was great started off with monday heading over to a zoo which was interesting there were a lot of people there and it was pretty fun  everyone ahd a good time then tuesday rolls around we had meetins as usual and then we had the chance to teach a new investigator who was good then we taught englsih which i like doing i also had one of my friends who made it this week so that made it that much better! wednesday we went and invited and got some small things we needed to get done done and so we also taught and investigator and then we had zone training thursday we had the chnace to go and visit and rc and meet his wife and it was great i was very humbled after the visit they are great people and its was great the wife made some food and asked us to try it and ahha i thought thai food was spicy i ahd some cambodian food and it was like eating pure peppers but it was great:) friday we had the chance to teach and visit some people who we dont usually talk to so that was great then we invited and went over the a members house and had a family home eving and watch john tanners story with them:) then saturday we went and served at a members house where we got some jack fruit out of her tree for her it was pretty great:) sunday the other companionship had a baptism is was great her testimony was short and sweet and to the point:) it was good but all is going well here and i see the Lords hand in the work everyday!i pray all is well and that all is safe back home enjpy the last week:) Love you guys
Love Elder Davis:) 

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