Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Words from Elder Austin Davis in Beaverton Oregon

Hey family him everything is going really well in the Beaverton West
zone. Everything is going really well he just got done playing some
basketball not those fun Hunsaker and winitana my old companion.
"Everything is going really good the Lord is awesome truly am truly
focused on their young young men's which is really sweet better than
being in Ysa. This week we had the opportunity to go to the
temple.Then Saturday we had elder D Todd Kristofferson come and give
to our question-and-answer session. You didn't talk to us as
missionaries to talk to us personally just our struggles and the
things we go through and he promised us that we are all worthy to be
missionaries that we're Allworthy vessels of the Lord is really cool
promise. And he also promised us that we can teach with more power and
we can testify with more persuasiveness was really cool to hear that
from an apostle of the Lord. It's kind of funny how you struggle with
things and then somebody is there to answer all your questions when
you don't let anybody know that you have those kind of questions. It
was a great experience to have as a missionary to be promised that you
were worthy vessel as we all struggle to become on the path of
righteousness. Another thing he said is it's nice to be in the quorum
of the 12 apostles because you feel young at 70. He said it doesn't
matter where you are on the path of righteousness as long as you're on
it that's all it matters. I know that Toleman this changes everybody's
lives as we continue to look to the Lord for strength and as long as
we rely on him you'll give us that. I hope that everybody's doing good
I'll pray for Penelope hope she gets over that cough. Well I hope
everybody's doing good I am growing a greater love for the Scriptures
as I dig myself down to try to understand what their thoughts are as
they're writing the Scriptures. Just know that this week is been
really good I'm we had family call us last night and they said they
will be inviting a family weekly to hear the missionary discussions
that's a family. I want to be like when I get home and return and have
a house of kids set the the example of true missionary. Makes me
laugh sister Mcnell goes on walks around the block to find other moms
are out and about and she Street contacts them and invite them over to
dinner and talks to them about the gospel . My companion and I are
sharing an iPad for now but I will be getting an iPad on February 4.
Well I better take off I love you hope you guys have a wonderful

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