Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Words from Sister Elese Hauser in Illinois Chicago West Mission

"We'll here I am in Oswego Illinois! I hardly know where to start
because so much has happened. Last Tuesday we drove to transfers, I
said good bye to Sister Spendlove, and then I wondered how we were
going to make it to our new area. We'll lets just say that hitch
hiking was a very likely option for Sister Dias and I to make it to
our new area. The Assistants told us that they didn't have a car or an
apartment for us. I think in that moment I knew I was in for in an
adventure, but I had no idea how big of an adventure it would be! So
we went to the mission office and sat there and waited and waited and
waited for...... Something. Finally the Assistants figured out that we
could live with the Aurora Sisters. So Aurora is about 15 minutes away
from our area in Oswego. So we are currently living in a tiny one
bedroom apartment, sleeping on air mattresses, with our luggage taking
over the living room! It's so crazy!! And we don't have a car and
aren't allowed to ride bikes in the winter. So, the only way we can
get to our area is rely on the members to drive the 15 minutes to come
pick us up and drive back. I think I've slightly lost my mind from
being so overwhelmed! The great thing is the members are awesome and
so willing to help. We have already had several members make the drive
to come and pick us up and take us to some less actives or to their
house for dinner. The Ward is so thrilled to have sisters and I feel
so loved! Yesterday in church everybody signed up to feed the Sisters
and not the Elders! Poor Elders, we're just so loved:) So there have
been Elders in the Oswego Ward for a long time. Actually, I do believe
Elder Crosby from Joseph City served here about a year ago. But you'll
have to check on that and let me know! We were asked to stand up in
Sacrament and i felt just like a superstar! We went to young women's
this week and they were all so thrilled to meet us. And we taught
Gospel Principles yesterday and the Ward gave us these big gift bags
full of all sorts of stuff! So I've decided no matter where I go I'll
have connections to home. So I first met Read Flake and his ancestors
established Snowflake Arizona, and they visit there every so often.
But they aren't closely related to anyone there. And then I met
Brother Les DeWitt. And guess where he grew up?! Snowflake Arizona:)
And he's related to all the DeWitts in the area. But we already
established that Lobos and Redskins are rivals, but I'll try to put
that aside for now:) Just as long as it's not Round Valley!
I remember last week in Dads email he said I will always remember this
Christmas. That's for sure! Ill always remember my homeless Christmas!
I've been so humbled from this experience. Its been so hard to live
out of a suitcase and not know where anything is and then there's the
missionary work aspect. It's like being injured right when your sport
season was reaching its peak. I just want to yell "Put me in Coach!!"
I'm so ready to work and I want to work. But we're stuck in the
Sisters apartment unless the members can come get us. But even if they
can it's only for about 2 hours and then what? It's so frustrating not
being able to work!!! So we clean, organize, and practice teaching.
I've learned that The Lord has His own time and His own will. I know
you will all say to be grateful for the air mattress that I do have
and at least I have a roof over my head. And I am so grateful!
Especially for the members because they are great! So they have an
apartment for us in our area but we can't get in until January 11th.
And so we're hoping we can move in with a member until then so we can
at least be in our area and walk outside to do tracting if we need
to.i honestly never thought I would be in a situation like this but I
know it's preparing me for something greater. I know that Heavenly
Father is so aware of each of our individual blessings. And as I
ponder on all the things I'm going through, i realize what a blessing
trials are. I have hardly had time to think of Christmas and so I'm
not homesick at all. I have learned true patience and that The Lord
has a plan and will do His will in His time. The choice is up to us as
to whether we let that be our will as well, or give up. So life is a
beautiful thing!
Well I can hardly believe Christmas is in 2 days! Tomorrow for
Christmas Eve we get to go over to this young families house. We will
bake cinnamon rolls and take them to the Firefighters and then do the
usual Christmas Eve ritual with the Nativity and all:) I am so excited
for that! And as for Christmas, plans are still a little unsure. We
are hoping to go to a single sister in the Ward who needs the company
but so far we haven't set anything in stone. But we have been invited
to the Aurora Sisters Ward Mission Leader house to Skype with them. So
the plan for Skype is to Skype here at 3:00. That would be 2:00
Arizona time. And we don't have a time limit so I hope you're all
ready to tell me all about your lives!! I made a Skype profile under
elesehauser and I added Mom and Garret so we shouldn't have any
problems. But if the time changes I can give you a call from our cell
phone on Christmas and let you know. But plan on 2:00:) and you
probably will get a call from a lady in the Aurora who has invited us
with the Aurora Sisters Christmas morning. I got all 5 packages from
you and I felt so loved! We went to the mission home on Friday and
President Fenn made 4 different kinds of chili and some of the Elders
couldn't even handle the hottest chili but it was my favorite!! Oh and
my favorite present was the can of El Pato!!! I almost started crying
I was so happy:) but I haven't opened any of my other presents so
don't worry. Well, I can't wait to hear about all the things that you
are all doing! I hope you all have a great Christmas Eve! Just
remember, nobody can replace this fabulous angel in the Nativity :) I
will miss you all so much but just know that I'm where I need to be.
And the best gift we can give to the Savior is to spread His Gospel to
others. I'm so grateful that I belong to your family. I have so much
to be grateful for this Christmas season, especially the love of our
Beloved Savior. I know He lives. I know He died for each of us. And I
know He will through all of our trials He never leaves us. Just like
the song from The Forgotten Christmas Carols "Homeless" it says "We
are not homeless for in Christ's love there is a Home". I love you

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