Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Words from Sister Elese Hauser in Chicago Illinois

"I hardly know where to start for this week! I can't contain my
excitement because I am so happy!!! If I were in person with you all
I'd be jumping up and down, talking really really fast, and talking so
loud you would all look at me and say "Elese, calm down!" But we're
not, so just imagine that as I tell you the most amazing story if your
life! You might want to all sit down for this one because this is a
HUGE miracle!!! You won't believe your ears (or eyes) because it's so
fantastic!! Okay, are you ready.?
WE'RE HAVING A BAPTISM THIS FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!! I have mentioned Leena
before and she is from India and in an arranged marriage. She
requested a Bible online last July and the Elders have been teaching
her ever since. But she just wouldn't commit. She knew the Book of
Mormon was the word of God, and she loved the church but she didn't
want to be baptized. And the Elders had all but given up on her when
he most amazing Sisters arrived! Oh wait, that's me:) So we met her
exactly 2 weeks ago and we just loved her. We loved her before we even
met her and I think that's where the difference was. We could love her
and she finally felt understood and after the first lesson she told us
that she had gained 2 Sisters! She is is sweet and I have come to care
about her so much! So last Thursday in our Weekly planning session,
Sister Dias and I got the strongest impression that we needed to plan
Leena's baptism for soon or else she would never be baptized. We knew
that this was The Lords will and that we His servants doing His work.
So we made every plan to have her baptized in the month of January. We
fasted last Monday so that we could have the spirit with us and so we
would know what to say. So we went to dinner at the Charles home and
they had a son who just returned from his mission. He told us this
inspiring story about how when he had been on a mission his companion
and him had the same impression that they needed to plan for a baptism
the next Saturday and they didn't have any investigators. And that
Sunday someone moved into the Ward who had a 10 year old son that had
not been baptized so they had a baptism. So we are sitting here
listening to this story so blown away because that's what had happened
to us and we were headed to our appointment with Leena hoping to put
her on date!! So we go into Leena's lesson and I was so overcome with
the spirit. I started talking not knowing what I was even saying, but
knowing that the spirit would guide Sister Dias and I in whatever we
needed to say. We read from 3 Nephi 11 about tech doctrine of Christ
and the just boldly said "Leena, we think you need to be baptized in a
week" she just laughed and said oh no I'm not ready. Sister Dias just
smiled kindly but persistently back at her without saying a word. I
think she realized we were serious when we would not budge. She kept
saying No, that's okay and we would just sit there and smile without
saying anything. So finally we said Leena you should say a prayer and
ask Heavenly Father when He thinks you should be baptized. So she did
and we all sat there and pondered and finally Leena said, I think the
Saturday the 1st. And we felt good about that! So she was getting
baptized in 11 days. We could hardly believe it. I just knew that this
was The Lords will and as soon as we are willing to humble ourselves
and pray and seek His will, He made it known unto us. Well the next
day we hit our first hiccup. Leena's main fellow shipper would be gone
that Saturday. Wouldn't you know it! So Leena tried to push her
baptism back to the end of February. Nice try Leena, but you cannot
get past us! So we said how about the Friday before that? And it
worked for everybody! Now if know, by moving the baptism up one day we
moved it into January. Which, was our original goal. The Lord truly
knows what it best. And He has a plan for everything little thing that
we do, he has a plan. I have learned so much from this experience. The
Lord is in charge. And as we follow His will then I know that we will
see miracles we never dreamed of. So Leena will be baptized this
Friday. I could cry and probably will because I'm so happy!! It just
shows me that Sister Dias and I are meant to be here for a reason. And
one of those reasons is Leena. She says she's going to take us to
visit India someday and I'm so excited! So this week has been crazy.
Always right before a baptism the Adversary hits hard because Satan
does not want them to be baptized. And we've been feeling it too
because we are planning this all! But we will weather all the
temptation and evil that comes our way this week because it will all
be worth it. Since Leena is in an arranged marriage, usually we have
to get permission from the spouse. But we had to go to some petty high
up authorities to not have to get permission because he would mock her
and persecute her for her decision. So we've jumped through several
hoops this week and overcome all of them! I can hardly believe we just
opened up this area but 6 weeks ago and we as having a baptism. I'm
just to the brim with joy:) transfers are this week and i really
really hope Sister Dias and I can stay together! We moved into our
apartment this week and it's really nice. We have bunk beds! I have
the top bunk because heat rises and sod it's warmer up top! And even
more, we have beds. I slept so well the first night not being on a
deflated air mattress for the first time in a month. And if you don't
all stop complaining about the 40 degree weather in Arizona I just
might have to fly you all to Illinois and then see how much you like
that weather! It's back to -16 right now with a wind chill of -25. It
hurts to breath outside. It feels like I'm swallowing knives! And they
canceled the schools here today and tomorrow. I guess they're calling
it a freeze day. This is not global warming. Well that about sums up
my awesome week! I'll send you all pictures home next week of Leena's
baptism! Feel free to add her to your prayers:) I love you all so much
and appreciate all the encouragement! I hope you all have as good a
week as I will!"
P.S."So I sent my email and then I remembered that I still had some things
to tell you! This week we are teaching seminary!! And I'm pretty
nervous. I remember when the missionaries taught seminary and I
thought they were so cool and had so much knowledge. Now I know that
they are really just normal people who really don't have everything
figured out. Ha ha but we we teaching on Alma 33 and it's gonna be
awesome. Except it's early morning seminary. And by early I mean that
it starts at 5:40 in the AM. But I'm really excited to teach the
youth! And then yesterday we got asked to teach young women's next
Sunday on missionary work. And we have to come up with a member
missionary lesson that we have to present to the Mission Counsel next
Sunday for what we can use to teach and motivate members to do more
missionary work. The week of a baptism always seems to be the craziest
and everything happens at once! To answer Dads questions I'm doing
pretty good! This is so far the best and funniest part if my mission.
It has it's hard moments but every mission does and I appreciate all
your thoughts and prayers in my behalf. I'm excited to see where else
my mission takes me."

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