Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Words from Elder Tyler Johnson in Kansas



"thanks so much im doing the best i can to grow its getting harder though. i really liked what you had to say, we have a lil sheet were passing around to the members to write down who they fill inspired to see and to write down something to do or a goal that they have to go and do for that person. i really hope it works i feel like well have to go and follow up with them alot cuz i know they will forget or will soon lack the motivation. this is such hard work i dont know what i would do without my planner. its been so difficult to follow up with everyone we have when they are not home. the work is deffinatly hastining though we recently had a member from the 70 come down and promise us a blessing and he said "righteousness and truthfullness will sweep this mission as a flood" it was so sweet to be given that promise this mission is going to have so many baptisms. we are going to thrash this mission im so pumped to see this work and to be apart of it. i know that as i am exactly obediant and help the zone in thier efforts we will proggress so much. its such a blessing to be called as a repersentative of jesus christ..... tj and i were talking about the family and how we can help build eachother and we talked about alyssa and what we can do for her to keep her as close to the gospel as we can i want to help the family as much as i can so if thier is anything you need me to do or talk to me about ill do my best to help! i love you dad and i know that christ lives and he is thier to help our family ill do what i can. let me know how i can help!:)"

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