Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Words from Sister Kortlynn Herring in Japan

So, this week was a pretty great week! Let me tell ya about it...

 Tuesday: Zone Conference! It was awesome! I loved it and I learned SO much! Pres. and Sister Budge are amazing, and the missionaries in my mission are amazing! Super spiritually uplifting day! Plus I learned some more about goals and making it happen, which is even better!

 Wednesday: Normal day, tracting, trying to locate less-actives and what not. But the other day, we did a "blitz" after zone training and Asada Shimai found a lady that knew the missionaries 10 years ago. She is super nice, so we set up an appointment with her. It went super well! We are going to help with her English class on thursday this week. She is super strong in her buddhist faith, like the strongest I've seen, she goes to the temple twice a week in Niigata City, which is over an hour away. Anywho, when we taught her, we asked if she had interest, and she said she wanted to learn more about Christ, and she was super interested in the purpose of life. SO excited to see her again! We gave her an English and Japanese Book of Mormon. She speaks great english and has been reading the bible to learn more english. One of her questions was why did Adam and Eve and all the old testament prophets live so long? She said she couldn't believe it! Haha

 Thursday: We visited T San, her dog finally died! But, now I think it's an even bigger problem now that he is dead, because she has made a shrine for him and now prays to him...We really need to help her understand the there is only one God and He is her Father in Heaven, and she can pray to Him for Rako Chan and for her ancestors, but she shouldn't pray exactly to her ancestors and dead dog. It was a cool shrine though, cute pictures, complete with dog food and everything. Oh I love Japan. :) We also taught K San, she is great! She is just having a hard time applying gospel principles to her life. But this week we are doing a family home evening with her and a stellar family in our ward, and it's gonna be great I think!

 Friday: We visited S Shimai and invited her to an activity that was suppose to be today, but she couldn't come :( We are trying to keep a relationship with her in hopes that someday she will again have a desire to change. But, ya for right now, she is done. I really hope she notices a difference. Before she dropped us she came to church every week and we met with her twice a week for a lesson. So when you take away all of those opportunites that she had to feel the spirit, I hope she recognizes the difference.

 Saturday: Visited T San again, with a gift to express our sorrow at her passing dog. She is crazy! Love her, but when we visited she said that there was no way she could ever be a mormon because she loves sake and smoking to much. I told her she could stop :) We will continue helping her. She is awesome, I hope we can help her understand her relationship with God. I think just recognizing that she is a daughter of God, will help her loads and loads.

Sunday: Love our branch! After church we had a little get together called shoukujikai where we ate mochi in stew and mochi with anko. Yummy! I really like mochi, especially when it's with strawberries or whipped cream! Yum! It's even good with peanut butter, but that's not japanese, that's very Sister Herring :)

We also visited a less-active, who I absolutely love. I have met her twice, and she is struggling, but I don't know with what. But everytime we visit she is close to tears, bears her testimony and hugs us. I want to help her! She is amazing! O Shimai! :)

 And today is normal p-day, did some shopping and tonight is music night. We also want to do some more area book work. It's been snowing, so we can't ride our bikes and getting everywhere takes FOREVER! So we are trying to figure out how we can use time wisely. I have decieded that as a missionary I prefer summer to winter. As Kortlynn I love all of this snow, and think it's great, but as sister herring it sure makes dendo hard. But we will find a way!


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