Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Words from Elder Spencer Wilhelm in Angola

"hey hey everyone!!! Thanks for the letters this week:) it was fun hearing from all of you! you all rock. It good to hear that everything back at home are still in full swing and that the grand babies are getting so big! It don't think that i am going to recognize any of them by the time that i get back!! haha

 This week was way sick for us!!! When Chatwin and I became companions we decided that we wanted to focus on strengthening the branch, and boy has the Lord opened up some doors for us to do so. We have been helping members with their callings, passing by their houses, helped update the database of the branch records and just a huge array of things! In return we have receive a lot of trust from the branch president and he is actually asking for our suggestions on how we can all work together to strengthen the branch. It has really been a miracle to see all of these changes within the branch! And for the first time in like 2 months we got a member referral because we decided to visit the members and help them with their callings!

 The focus on the branch does not mean that we are not working with investigators though. Whenever we get free time we are out trying to find people and teaching families. We finally we able to sit with Adilsons dad and share a message with him and his whole family. After we were done Ricardo, adilsons dad, said 'you guys ought to pass by everyday so we can study the bible.' ha ha he is a very nice man along with the rest of the family members! Adilson this past week received the aronic priesthood and was passing the sacrament:) he had a grin from ear to ear as he was passing!

 Marcos is doing really good! every time we go over there he just has so many questions for us on the gospel and is like a sponge and soaks it all in! Our last visit with him was a very neat experience as we talked about the plan of salvation. Near the end he asked us how it is that he could be baptised. So we explained it all to him and also explained the law of chastity. after he learned that he said he would do anything to get baptised and said that he would get married so that he could do so!"


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