Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Words from Sister Heather Patterson in South Carolina

"Also we are teaching the most ADORABLE black family. Her name is Roshonda and his name is willie. They are neighbors to a member, Brother Greene, and he actually just took us over there one day and introduced us to them. She said she had never let missionaries into her house before. MEMBERS WORK MIRACLES! :) They have two sons, Demond(5) and Elijah(2), and Demond is obsessed with me :) lol! I need to get a picture and send it home because he is literally the cutest. Roshonda said that Demond only like white girls with blond hair :) hahahahahahaha! He is so funny :) And Elijah is literally the fastest 2 year old I have ever seen. He has pigeon feet and he runs so fast! You can just tell when people are being taught by the spirit because they just get everything. Roshonda just understood everything, and she was very worried about how much her and her husband needed to be baptised by someone with the priesthood. The spirit did all the explaining and Sister Dougherty and I just sat there. It was great :)"

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