Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Words from Elder Ryder Nielsen in the Philippines Manila Mission

"Well this week was awesome! We had the baptism of Sister Josefine Bo! She was so so happy. I love the feeling of knowing you helped some one start on the path of happiness. She has been one of my favorite people to teach. Actually i can't say that because i love everyone i teach but my experiences with her have been very unique. This coming Saturday we will be having the baptism of Sister Merilyn Vasquez! She is such an awesome Lady we have nicked named her Super Mom because it literally is mind blowing to me how she can take care of 5 kids the oldest being 8 years old in the circumstances that they are living in. Her husband is constantly working to provide for them so it is only her to manage the rest. My companion and I always prepare our selves for war when we enter her home because we know that when we walk through that door 5 little kids start to pull on our ties pull our hair punch us where ever they can and some times they aim pretty low (if you know what i mean) and it doesn't help that i told them i was a wrestler back home so they all want to wrestle! So we have come up with strategies to be able to keep the kids preoccupied while we teach Sister Merilyn. We usually bring some candy or treats but the most effective way is one of us will just focus the attention on the kids and take all the blows while the other teaches a part of the lesson. It has been such a great experience especially to develop Christ like attributes. I think the Lord is paying me back for all the times i pounced on Rainey- man. It has taught me alot about the importance of having Christ-like love when you are teaching His truths to others. His influence and example has the most powerful effect on any human heart. It has taught me that each day when we plan for the day we should think to ourselves how much love can i show this day, how much patience can i show this day, or how submissive and humble can i be. I am so grateful to be able to serve the Lord our Savior and truly seek to send his influence out to others. I know in this way only, Hearts are changed and converted to His Gospel."

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  1. Ryder,
    Nice reading your posts. Love to see your testimony of Christ and love for the Philippine people growing. Keep up the great work.
    Brother Wilhelm