Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Words from Elder Garrett Anderson in Brazil Brasilia Mission

"Man, this week has been great.  We had two baptisms yesterday and the work is really starting to pick up in Posse.  We have 5 people on date for Dec. and I never thought I would say this, but I will be sad to leave Posse.  When you stay in an area for an extended area of time, you really get attached to the members, investigators, to everything.  We have been teaching a family of 5 these past couple of weeks.  The  mom's  name is Sandra, her 3 kids, Henrique, Vitor, and Vanessa.  Their dad works on the farm so he is gone all week and only comes home on the weekends.  Yesterday during our 2 baptisms, I had the opportunity to baptize Vanessa and my companion baptized Vitor.  Vanessa is 12 years old and I didn't know until we were in in the baptismal font that she has a fear of water.  the first time I did the ordinance, and when it came time to lower her in the water, her grip got really tight and when she went under the water, she kicked her legs up and out of the water.l  When I brought her back up, she was really nervous and started coughing like she was choking on water.  We had to do it again  because she had brought her legs up out of the water.  It took awhile to calm her down and talk her through it.  I thought she was going to back out, but finally  we calmed her down enough and I had to baptize her kneeling down because of her fear and how nervous she was.  When I went to lay her down the second time, she grabbed onto my shirt but I had to push her down into the water and she about took me with her!  Thankfully my companion's baptism went a lot smoother and no one left the font injured."

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