Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Words from Elder Chandon Herring in Washington DC

"Ok the mission field... First off the flight way awesome because I got the middle seat:( but I got over it when we landed. Ok so we landed and were met by the APs and Pres/sis Cooke they are the best! We walked into the humidity and were given a metro card, BOM, and were told go. Meet us at the temple. So we all got on the metro and figured out how to get to the temple with the help of sis Cooke and pres Cooke. We had great conversations with people and everyone here is surprisingly nice. I was really shocked. We went to the mission home after and had dinner + a testimony meeting it was great. Anyway the next day we were given our iPads and companions. I have Elder Thornton from Mesa, AZ. He is great and loves three things: eggs,lifting, and the gospel. So we get along except for the egg part. We met at the Temple VC and I was able too go off by myself and make my commitment. This is what they have all of the missionaries do before they start. We then packed and headed home. I am a rebel I have to admit. We leave. Our area all the time ;) don't tell pres. Jk our apartment is out of our area. By about a mile. We only had a bible study class that night so I got to meet some people. I met my favorite senior couple ever. The Raybacks.they are the best. We were told to go to the temple as soon s we could fitit in our schedule so we planned it. Our ride cancelled and the Raybacks were willing to take us! This is the first of many times they helped. They drop everything to help us elders. We are feeding them this Sunday :) I will try to make fajitas. We went to the temple and it was great not Gilbert but great. We then came home and began the day. We started by visiting sis Washington. She is a new convert just shy of a yr and really poor. She is happy tho because she has two elders who love her and God. Then I placed my first two BOMs with two ladies who are strong catholic for now ;) we are going to swing by again. Next was a call from the RS pres. She needed us to check on a member who is old and feeling sick. She was not answering her calls and so we stopped by. No answer. To this day no one knows what is up. So I am a little worried. Dinner was at an investigators home. Her name is Laura. We had pupupas which is a fried corn tortilla stuffed with cheese i loved it and a salad with spinach, apple, onion, feta cheese, basaltic vinegar, SP, and oil. It was pretty good. She is nice and has a ton of questions. Hard ones that don't matter to. But she is progressing.

Next day... Well the Mariotts, the ones who own the Hotel, live in the DC North Mission somewhere. elder Thornton has eaten at their home and says they are just the best. We in comp study looked at a talk by w. Cleon Skousen on the atonement and Gods power. I will try to type it up and send it. It will change how you look at literally everything. I have never read ANYTHING so deep in my life. Then we went to teach Luna a less active lady who makes delicious drinks of stuff. She is struggling but she loves god and we love her. Next... We started early with a service project painting an non members fence. It was fun and she is nice. We think she will come to church this next week she will be a great member. On our way to her house we met a man under some influence other than his own who was amazed at my size and everything. He emphasized all men are equal and called me a @/&$: n word but in a sincere nice way. It was really odd and hysterical. He was great and just interesting. So ya. We only hear sirens. No gun shots yet. Then on our way back I was caught by angels. We were riding up a hill really quickly and I guess my spokes were loose and I flew head first like a chicken trying to fly off of a cliff into the road. Not a single bruise, scratch, nothin. Yet I totally destroyed my rim. Thank goodness for the extra bike in the room. I do look like a clown riding a bike that is too small but it is a bike that is faster than walking. Next was a meeting with sis Galloway who is a member who left the church because she was offended. We almost begged her to come back, gave her a blessing, showed her a talk by elder holland called, the 1st great commandment. And she came to sacrament meeting!! The Raybacks came with us on short notice because our other member canceled and they were just what she needed. Sis Raybacks was hugging her and everything. So it was great!

First Sunday... Well I ,love our ward. When the meeting ends a big black lady stands up and makes all guest/new people introduce themselves at the end of sacrament meeting. It was so funny! And when the speaker asks a question or says good morning the congregation responds. :) I loved it! The meetings were normal and I still do not know any members but it was great. There are 10 missionaries assigned to our ward. Wow right? We then went out proselyting again. But in a two hour period I placed three BOMs, we got two potentials, and 1 referral. It was a successful night. So ya that sums up most of the week. Today we had our one meeting prior to me writing home cancel so we rode out there for nothing. But we met what I think we be a golden investigator :) we are to call and set up a time in about a week but she was so genuinely happy and in love with Christ she fits it perfectly. So ya. Watch the talk by Pres. Uchtdorf called, "We are doing a great work and can not come down." It is awesome. Love u all! Remember God really does answer prayers and a lot faster than you expect sometimes and in really weird ways to but they always come. Love you!"

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