Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Words from Kyle James in the MTC....Germany soon!

"Week One at the MTC: SO.... wow. This week has been interesting to say the least. So I'll start from the beginning. When I got here, I was hurried through room after room collecting books and getting my name tags. Then I went to class. We have 6 hours of class everyday and the teacher can only speak Deutsch. It's crazy. But now-a-days I can understand pretty much everything he says. I can bare a simple testimony in German and I can say a simple prayer. My companion and I are teaching an investigator named Daniel auf Deutsch. It is really hard. But I am getting better for sure.

My district is really cool. The first week of the MTC is literally prison... except prisoners can watch tv and play cards.

All the sister cry here. It's weird.

President Uchtdorf waved to us yesterday while he was driving by! Awesome! I met our new Mission President and he is awesome.

There are about 22 Frankfurt bound missionaries here. So that is cool. There are a lot more Berliners though. There are so many languages here.. its crazy. I'm getting way better in German. The gift of tongues is a real thing. Crazy real.

Week Two at the MTC: I'm like 30% finished with the MTC. With Deutsch.. I can bare my testimony... pray.. sing.. and give simple lessons. So pretty good. I'm just really tired. There Is no time for anything.

When we clean for service, I wear black gloves and talk like batman, so some elders call me Elder Batman.

Oh! The spirit is strong here.. I must say. There is no way that I could learn German this quickly without the gift of tongues. So awesome!"

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