Sunday, July 20, 2014

Words from Elder Herring in Washington DC

"ok well Kort i now finally understand what you mean when you say that it is hot and humid. I as you all know sweat a little bit... well here is it A FLIPPEN TON OF SWEAT!!! I never stop. but anyway. i am so happy to hear kort is doing well. can someone email me anna's and rex's letters. that would be awesome. Well Monday, We had Pday and had one appointment with a less active named Anita. She is awesome and is actually starting to make a lot of progress. we have her committed to come to Church and FHE on Tuesdays. Maaybe even Bible study. We also got that referral for a lady who wants a blessing and to be baptized. We met her on Sunday and she is.... umm off her rocker to say it nice. We could not really understand her and she was blabbling about being cursed, demons, Roman Catholic Church and Obama are out to get her etc. So we will try to help but we dont know. She counts as a new investigator so we are happy.

Tuesday My last day with my trainer Elder Thornton. I was moved to be with the DL ELder Fuller. Nothing bad happened i was reunited with Elder Thornton the next day it was an exchange. We had fun. We went out and i got some good ideas for us to try. He gave me a great example of how to teach the first vision. I am going to try it. They key is just be super slow and direct. but it is cool.

Wednesday This was the day of the exchange. We started with lunch with Harold who is a convert of 8 years and is the #1 fan of missionaries. he is not even in our area and he fed us lunch. We had a great day and i had a ton of contacts. We had an awesome lesson with a guy named fred. He is a LA and has a lot of struggles. He is making progress but he will not keep half of his commitments. We then went to ward coordination meeting which is always a good meal. I also in study came across a great quote by President Uchtdorf, "Doubt your doubts before you doubt your faith." It is awesome because we will all have questions that we cant find answers to for a while and many people over here leave the church because of it. it is sad. But we are doing our best with the LA.

Thursday My one month mark. Wow is it bad if i counted that? i still have a ways but i am sick and tired of saying i have been out for so and so weeks. I like saying months. i feel more experienced. but i am still a greeny. it is weird having the second youngest elder in the zone be my dad. the two greenies. We served Elsa who only talks to us for service and it is super hard to et her to listen to us talk. We met with Luna who makes us delicious juice. It is so good!! that is our favorite place to go on a hot day. It started to rain tho when we were talking to her so she gave us an umbrella to use. That saved us.

Friday. We left our house for only like 3 hours today because we had a lot of study time and then weekly planning which is 3 hours itself. along with comp inventory and all that stuff. we had a successful little clean up to. Mom would be so proud of how clean our room is. It is so nice.

Saturday. A day of miracles. Not only did i get my temporary bike fixed but i almost got hit by three cars. My breaks dont exactly work so it is hard to stop going down hill and my momentum of 280 lbs. I found a new favorite talk. it is by Pres. Eyring in the April 2010 priesthood session called, Act in all Diligence. I loved it. oh ya other miracle. We had an appointment cancel so we decided to go visit a new investigator. One who we met when we went to go talk to a former. We saw the former and needless to say she is now probably our most solid investigator now. :) There was a huge series of events that made it come together. Tell me God is not in every detail of our lives and in this work? He IS!!

Sunday. We had service and fed the Raybacks Hawaiian Haystacks as a thank you for being super awesome and so dependable. We are their top priority to help. So it is nice to have. At church tho we finally got Elsa to come and she hated it. we are not sure why it was a testimony meeting because the ward took a trip to the Hill Camorah pageant and they bore powerful testimony of the Restoration and Joseph Smith. The spirit was incredible and i guess she just missed it. too bad. we will keep trying tho.

ok so Elder Thornton is getting tired of Handel's Messiah. shocker huh. I am enjoying listening to The Garden as well but needless to say he is just tired of my music. it is fun. We have a super clean room and apartment and it is awesome. I am eating a lot of bananas, oatmeal, burritos, Casa Salsa :) , and lots of jone. it is all good. Jone is a word they use here for stuff. I like it but it is weird. Well I love you all so much and I know that God loves you more than that. He is in everything we do and will always help you and answer your prayers. Remember Pres. Monson's quote, "Always remember that God loves you. He loves you whether you deserve it, if you are worthy of it or not. It is simply, always there." I know that is true."


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