Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Words from Elder Trent Jensen in South Africa

to the weak of heart I say this: once Africa has hold of your heart, she will never let go.” there's a quote... Trent.

(Elder Trent Jensen is serving in Lesotho, a small country up in the mountains, completely surrounded by South Africa. It is part of the South Africa Johannesburg Mission. )

other than almost hitting several dogs and eating tons of food, life is usual here

we had a funny spiritual thing happen, we went to the fish and chips shop and ordered. I had my card but no cash, and all the small stores here use cash. the guy behind the counter was Pakistani and said:

"sit, eat and at your earliest convenience, you can bring cash!" I asked him why he trusted me so much, he said any man who would serve man and God in our manner for as long as we do, deserves respect and trust. touching truly.

We havent had any baptisms since two months ago. this week was interesting. Mabali M.

got baptized yesterday, such a nice girl. it was awesome. it was a powerful expirience. shes about 23 and is now the only member in her family. she was baptized by her Boyfriend/fiancee his name is Mueti. they are currently trying to figure out the big problem of Labola. which is payment either in the form of livestock or money to the girls parents. its a pretty interesting love story which i will tell everyone about upon my arrival home.

we went to a funeral. i never met the man. His son is a R.M. and they live in my Z.L.s area in Maseru. i was on splits tuesday with Elder Lepodise, (Tswana for police), and we went to the funeral. they fed us so much food. i love food. i felt abused when i left. Lepodoise was even in pain.

its custom here for everyone who goes and views the deceased to wash their hands in a big vat of Aloe juice. the wild Aloe grows everywhere down here. big plants too. my hands smelled like aloe for 3 days. another tradition is a funeral drink called Matoho. its a sorghum porridge. since the family is part

member they had fermented and non. its a kind of sour drink but i like it.

Thanks for the letter, I got the one with the pics exactly 1 month from mailing date. one

of the elders sent a pkg of souvenirs home and it took 9 months! It wieghed 25 lbs and had US$5 of postage. not bad unless its a heart transplant...

yes we drink water. so far we haven't had any symptoms yet. Our boardings have filters. nice ones too. some elders don't use them and they've never been sick. we also have worming and debugging pills

just in case. most of the time elders get sick on the coast eating at members homes.

and holidays? we have such limited access to local knowledge here that we don't even know about holidays til they're over.

also hopefully today we will have a Braai (BBQ) at a members home here in

Maseru. weve been there before, they pull out all the stops. last time

there was a stack of meat about 16' tall and a big pile of wors.

Love ya'll!

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