Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Words from Elder Herring in Washington DC

"ok this week was filled with miracles. We started on Monday where all of our appointments cancelled or just were not there. We were sad but decided to talk to this one guy on the porch. He not only listened but you could tell he was actually interested in what we had to say. We shared a quick 2 minute video on the BOM talked with him and set up a time to meet him again. His name is Floyd Young. So that is #1.

The next day was the worst day of Elder Thorntons mission. Everyone cancelled and we found no one. We rode around everywhere and no one would even consider talking to us. It was so weird. normally people are nice and at least say hi back but this time we only got angry faces and yelling. i was so confused! Also i went through another bike. We broke the brakes and had no bolt holding the front tire on. So mini miracle i am no dead! I should have died so many times already i swear.

We have been fed a total of 5 times since i have been here. On this bad day was one of them at Caesars home. He is not even in our area but he loves missionaries so he fed us twice :) then a non member fed us last week during a lesson. last night some sister form the ward brought us a ton of food, and at district meeting we are fed. Elder Thornton says it is weird to be fed so much. I also heard a funny joke just to be random. What do you call a Mexican with a rubber toe? Roberto! haha it is funny huh :)

this week has just kind of been bad for numbers to. We have taught not many people and have had bad luck. But we did have two pdays and a day dedicated to training. The training was on how to handle stress. Sis Cooke said that we can listen to ANY music if it helps :) so send me that other ipod with all my stuff on it! She was serious to :) jk not any but most she said like jazz, josh groban, instrumental music, soloists, and stuff like that sadly not Boston. :(

Then for the 4th in our nations capital. Wow so many people. we started the day by cleaning and having a BBQ on the spanish Elders roof from which you could see the capital building and the Washington monument. We had so much food! literally three times as much as we needed. the stuff i brought was not even used. we then went to the mall to walk around and see stuff. not a whole lot of pictures taken because so many people and it breaks tradition. Your first mall photo event is always at sunrise for some reason. We did not get to go into any buildings because they close early. But we got to listen to Kenyan Music and Chinese music because it is the 4th and that makes sense? it is our holiday not "america is diverse" day. but any who at the mall before the fireworks we watched a concert in front of the capital building. that is where some members took that pic you got. and yes more pics are to come. i did not have time to send them all this am. anyway at the concert they had John Williams introduce a new version of the National Anthem. it was cool but not as good as Hans Zimmer would have done ; ) yes that comment is for you dad.

i learned that my mission grandpa is going to play at BYU as well. or he might just go play in the NFL for the Raiders. He can pick. The Raiders contacted him before the mission and said when he gets back they might just take him. He is a center and his name is Elder Tavana. look him up for me.

The fireworks were super good to! they had music notes in them and smily face ones :) i loved it. But we were 5minutes late getting home. Guess how we were punished... we dont get to go to the Nationals game in August. THAT STINKS!!!!! I am so mad! we tried so hard to make it back in time. We were the first in the district to get home and over half the mission was late and does not get to go. So there are a lot of unhappy missionaries. but i guess that is how it goes.

on sunday we had our first good day. we broke our fast with Caesar. He made us good food and we edited the story of the Good Samaritan. it was intense and we were so tired! we laughed for ever!

Well that is my week. I am about 5 miles north of the White House on 16th street and Fort Stevens. Elder Thornton is great. He grew up in Mesa, AZ and went to MTN View. Yes he is a toro. but he is fun. he tries so hard to eat healthy but gives in about once or twice a week to cookies and ice cream. he is buff and just awesome. he acts the same way as that one guy i worked with at Target who has all of the tattoos. So if that helps. I am enjoying life here we had a blast today playing soccer and took my bike in to get it fixed. i wont get it back for over a week they said so i am on foot still.

oh ya in church i love it. When the speaker says Good Morning the congregation responds! it is so cool! and this one old Black former baptist lady got up in testimony meeting and sang us two songs she loves. the congregation sang with her because she does it every month. her name is sis mack. It is just so cool!

Well i love you all you are just the best! I got letters from mom, dad, Grandma and grandpa herring and mullenaux, uncle eric, steph, and allysha. Thank you for your prayers and support!! I love you all and i know that Christ loves you as well. remember what Elder Uchtorf said, "I have a great work to do and can not come down." We have an important work and we must stay focused on it. We can not come down and stop doing what we know is right. We must keep on!"

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