Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Words from Elder Garrett Hollembeak in West Virginia

"It sounds like you guys had a great week. I forgot to tell you that I
met Brother Fuller, he's the ward clerk here in Lexington. If I'm
remembering right he's Grandpa Bingham's sister Edna's son. He's
really nice. This week was definitely interesting, a couple of weeks
ago Elder Johnson got into some poison ivy while we were doing service
and it ended up getting infected so he had a bad case of cellulitis so
we had to go to the hospital and get him all checked out and on
antibiotics. Then today we get a call from President Salisbury that a
missionary is leaving early from his mission and that Elder Johnson is
going to be transferred down to Charleston to be his new companion. So
it'll be just me and Elder Wagstaff here for now but Elder Johnson's
head is still spinning a little from the week. It was fun to be here
for 4th of July, Virginia Military Institute is here in Lexington so
they set off a bunch of fireworks on the parade grounds and had hot
air balloons. We had a barbeque at our bishops house and it was a lot
of fun. This week we taught a lady named Rebecca and her husband
Salvadore. Rebecca is on date to be baptized on the 27th of the month
and is super excited. We were worried for awhile because we didn't
know if she and Salvadore were married so we taught the law of
chastity lesson and it turns out they are, so we were pretty excited.
Salvadore is from Mexico and his English isn't great so on Friday
we're going to start teaching him and hopefully a couple of his
coworkers English as a second language. We're also teaching a guy
named Lee who's been investigating the church for about two years now
and he's been praying about getting baptized so we've been focusing on
teaching him how we receive answers through the Holy Ghost. We had a
funny thing happen with one of our dinner appointments this week. The
Fosters signed up to feed us and so we put their address into the GPS
and we get to the house and invite us in and we start talking. It
should be said that we have a big ward here and I haven't met too many
of the people so when we went into the house I didn't know them from
Adam, and neither did my two companions. So the wife asks us if we
have a dinner appointment and we thought she was joking so we said,
"That's what we're here for" so she says okay we'll feed you. About
halfway through dinner I say, "So Brother Foster, what do you do for a
living?" and his wife says, "You mean Brother Hutch" All three of our
faces go red and you could just about hear the air leave the room. As
it turns out the GPS had taken us to the house of Brother and Sister
Hutch who were also members in our ward and willing to feed three very
embarrassed missionaries. We called the Fosters and explained what had
happened and they got a good laugh out of it and when we saw the
Hutch's on Sunday they got another laugh out of it too. It was a fun
week here in Lexington and the work is going really well. Thursday is
Elder Johnson's last day here and we'll miss him but it does
strengthen my testimony that Heavenly Father knows what is going to
happen and if we are willing to listen he puts the necessary things in
place to make sure things work out. I hope you have an awesome week
and I can't wait to talk to you again. I love you guys and miss you.
Thank you for everything that you do for me."

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