"Family and friends,
It is so good to be able to email again. Tonga is great a lot has changed though. I have now been moved to the second biggest island in Tonga. The name is Vava'u it is a really cool and beautiful place. My new companion is named Elder Nau he is from the main island of Tonga, He is a really cool guy loves to exercise and play volleyball which he is really good at! He is a convert to the church and the coolest thing about his conversion story is he just wanted to change his life and family. He knows so much about the bible and knows every answer to any question. He teaches me a lot and I am thankful for him. The missionary work in this area is a little slow and we just spend most of our time trying to find people. The members here are really nice and of course they feed us everyday. I don't know if there is another mission where you actually have a specific date for people each month. Its really a blessing for us. Being a missionary is really cool seeing the change that the gospel can make in peoples life and especially in the missionaries. I am grateful for you all and the examples you have been in my life.
here are some pictures: We got to gut and skin a bull, My companion and I with our Zone leaders at the airport getting ready to leave

Ofa Atu! Lots of Love from Tonga"